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Millions may have small pots, but thank God they have!

Occam Investing – thanks! Occam Investing is a blog I thoroughly recommend. Its author is anonymous but  highly qualified, meticulous in the presentation of his/her work and the narrative is relaxed, personal and pitched at those (like me) with little … Continue reading

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“No better time to extend auto-enrolment than now”. Webb hits out at Treasury as “blockers”

It was good to see Steve Webb back in parliament, if only for the Work and Pensions Committee’s discussion yesterday morning  questioning key players past and future Witnesses Panel 1 Sir Steve Webb Baroness Jeannie Drake Baroness Ros Altmann Panel … Continue reading

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Why are the self-employed not using (Nest) pensions?

Nest Insight ran another seminar today – the title was  “How has Covid-19 impacted self-employed people” but the question on my and the panelists lips was – “why aren’t the self-employed, using pensions?” This article looks at how the self-employed … Continue reading

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The self-employed do themselves and the rest of us NO PENSION FAVOURS

In addition to safeguarding the rising state pension, we will continue to support the successful expansion of auto-enrolled pensions, enabling more people to increase their retirement income with help from their employers and government; we will continue to extend auto-enrolment … Continue reading

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The self-employed are engaged- they just don’t know what to do.

If you have an FT subscription, follow this link –  you will be able to read Jo Cumbo’s beautifully written opinion piece “Self-employed, the pension world’s great unsolved dilemma”. If you are saving so hard for your pension that you … Continue reading

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Self-employment; opt-out or cop-out?

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js These are numbers produced by our Office of National Statistics. Detailed notes are at the bottom of this article. We can safely assume that (without Government intervention) the trends have continued and that the 2017 and 2018 numbers will … Continue reading

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Taylor – the Full Monty or a stitch-up?

  I was asked to comment on the impact of the Taylor Report on Payroll at the Reward Autumn Update. Though I had been promised a script from Matthew Taylor himself, it never turned up – maybe I was stitched … Continue reading

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What passing bells for those who work as cattle?

Weep for the deprived gig-journalist! Unlike the formal press , I have not had an opportunity to leak the Taylor report.  I am like the workers that Matthew Taylor has been investigating, I have the freedom to do what I like … Continue reading

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What a “strong mandate” means for pensions.

Since the range of outcomes considered by the bookies ranges from “strong” to “weak” conservative majority, I’m putting my money on the Liberals getting an overall majority (only 25-1 with William Hill). That seems the likeliest alternative outcome and I’ve … Continue reading

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Giving the self-employed their “pensions due”.

The budget announcement of a phased 2% increase in Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NIC)s was generally considered bad politics but could it be good policy? In pension circles, any changes to NICs are regarded as interesting. They fund the … Continue reading

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