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Labour vows to put the lid back on the pension pot.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…. NEW: Labour confirm they would reverse the decision to scrap the pensions lifetime allowance cap. They call it “the wrong priority, at the wrong time, for the … Continue reading

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Pension incentives – a foundation for change.

Looking for some help on this one. I appreciate it could be both but if it’s a binary choice, which one do you go for? Thanks Is pension tax relief meant to be… — Tom McPhail (@PensionsMonkey) February 3, 2020 … Continue reading

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Tom McPhail – “the Thunderer’s thunderer” #pensions #tax #relief

Sir, The government should abandon its attempts to find a quick fix to the pension allowance taper problem affecting high earners including doctors and judges (“Pension tax windfall for top earners”, Jan 16, and letter, Jan 17). The pension tax … Continue reading

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Pension Tax Reform is the “art of the possible”.

  Everyone knows that pension tax-relief is broken and those who try to cling on to the current system do out of vested self-interest (and I include one former pensions minister in that statement). Wealth managers have come to view … Continue reading

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“CDC’s about improving DC” – Con Keating

This essay compliments my blog this morning.  Con Keating is the author of this blog – our thinking is coincidental, though our manner of expressing it – is not!   In all of the discussions of the minutiae of the … Continue reading

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Reaching the places advice cannot reach

  Only a handful of pension providers have adapted their systems to allow people to use the Pension Advice Allowance. The pension advice allowance, introduced in April, allows pension savers to take £500 tax-free from their retirement funds to help … Continue reading

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What passing bells for those who work as cattle?

Weep for the deprived gig-journalist! Unlike the formal press , I have not had an opportunity to leak the Taylor report.  I am like the workers that Matthew Taylor has been investigating, I have the freedom to do what I like … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the reform of pension tax relief?

The Government’s plans to resolve the injustices of the Pension Tax Relief system appear to have been ditched. Announced in the budget of 2015, expected in that year’s autumn statement and postponed in the months running up to this year’s … Continue reading

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Two into one will go!

Steve Webb’s admission that we need a single regulator is a sign of his strength . It takes guts to admit you’ve been wrong for four and a half years! I’d come to the same conclusion myself reckoning;- That the geographic split between Brighton … Continue reading

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How we see the new annuity framework working

Pension PlayPen response to the Treasury Paper “Freedom and choice in pensions.”     Pension PlayPen Ltd trades as http://www.pensionplaypen.com and is a leading portal through which employers and their advisers access information establish workplace pensions. This response has been … Continue reading

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