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Will Lucy Neville-Rolfe be a dove or a hawk on the state pension age?

An independent review On the 8th of September , Guy Opperman was relieved of his duties as Pensions Minister, Later in the day the death was announced of the Queen. In the following week, with Chloe Smith newly appointed, Lucy … Continue reading

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Who pays the £200bn bill to protect our state pension?

  First they suspended the triple lock The triple lock has been in place for over 10 years, here is now it has done so far. The Government afforded these increases out of revenues and have made successive promises to … Continue reading

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The OECD double our pension expectations – we all need to read the small print!

  An introduction to Welsh prophets Back in 2015, I wrote a blot entitled “private savings to rescue public finances“ The year before, the Government actuary- then Trevor Llanwarne had prophesied that by 2020, auto-enrolment would be making an appreciable … Continue reading

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There will be cracks in care funding – that’s how the light gets in.

Today we have had it confirmeded that in exchange for a substantial increase in national insurance – to fall on those in work, those past work will be comforted that they will have their care fees paid for them, save … Continue reading

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COVID-19 ; International Comparisons

How does the UK stack up against other countries?   Chris Daykin has been finding out.   Introduction Comparisons between countries of the progress of COVID-19 are complicated by the different effective starting points in different countries and because the number … Continue reading

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“Procrustean Pensions”; Jon Spain challenges tPR’s modelling

On 03 March 2020, the Pensions Regulator (“TPR”) launched its consultation on clearer DB funding standards. The documentation included a report from GAD (the “report”) entitled “Modelling the Long-Term Funding Objective” dated 14 February 2020. This short piece concentrates upon … Continue reading

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Triple lock? – easy!

With a deft tweet , former Pensions Minister Steve Webb wakes us up to a startling economic revelation. Doesn’t seem long since we were reading doom-laden warnings about the National Insurance Fund ‘running out of money’ in a few years. … Continue reading

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The Government’s pension stealth tax

What are we to make of the disenfranchisement of Stagecoach from rail contracts? I am extremely concerned by this statement , reported in the Financial Times  Stagecoach said its recent bids had been non-compliant “principally in respect of pensions risk”. … Continue reading

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Schools staring into a pension “abyss”

  Contrary to indications that the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) employer contributions for 2019-20 would be set at 19.1%, schools have now been told  that the figure from September 2019 will be 23.6%. The Teachers Pension Scheme, along with all … Continue reading

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“Spanish steps” – ideas on pension funding from Jon Spain.

Jon Spain is an eccentric brilliant actuary who has worked for many years worked at the Government Actuary’s department. I am proud he has asked me to provide a précis of his response to Charles Cowling’s Sessional Paper to the Institute … Continue reading

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