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Early retirement for the super-worker?

By common consent , when Mel Stride said “now is not the time”, the DWP’s Secretary of State meant “to properly address the long-term cost of the State Pension”. This blog explores why the state pension age will have to … Continue reading

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Playing politics with the state pension age?

  Pensions are in the news again and the FT’s lead story today is about the State Pension Age. The State Pension is more newsworthy than any other pension because it dwarfs all others in coverage and in the impact … Continue reading

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Will Lucy Neville-Rolfe be a dove or a hawk on the state pension age?

An independent review On the 8th of September , Guy Opperman was relieved of his duties as Pensions Minister, Later in the day the death was announced of the Queen. In the following week, with Chloe Smith newly appointed, Lucy … Continue reading

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You voted in Paul Lewis’ poll on Govt. SPA disclosure deferral.

The Government has deferred a decision to publish it’s position on the state pension age until after the General Election . It should, by law, be published before today. The flash vote is closed and here are the results   … Continue reading

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MOMENTUM – hang your head in shame!

The press release demonstrating how ignorant the public are about their retirement income is an instant crowd pleaser, guaranteed to get a place on the website of our trade press. Here’s an example. Same story, slightly different headlines. Here’s the text … Continue reading

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and every WASP will have her day!

There will be a further debate on women’s state pension ages in the Westminster Hall of the House of Commons. The precise wording of the #WASPI Petition Debate, taking place in Westminster Hall on 1st Feb, led by @HelenJonesMP pic.twitter.com/Ar4Kw2E9Ba … Continue reading

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A right to debate or a right to restitution? #WASPI

For many of us, men retire at 65 and women at 60, that was hard coded into our learning like the multiplication tables and it’s clearly quite hard to unlearn. Steve Bee makes a good point on twitter "When is … Continue reading

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When will I get my state pension? – ask @Savvy_woman

Over the next few days there will be plenty of debate on this question , prompted by the “monstrous regiment of women”, now nearly 100,000, who have signed the “Women Against State Pension Increase” or “WASPI” petition. We are due a … Continue reading

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