and every WASP will have her day!


There will be a further debate on women’s state pension ages in the Westminster Hall of the House of Commons.

There will, according to former Pension Minister Steve Webb be no vote on the debate

Which suggests that the Government will rather hope this will be the end of it.

I suspect that not because of the numbers (120,000 have signed the petition against 600k petitioning against Donald Trump being allowed in the UK) but because of the passion of the WASPI women, we will continue to hear of the injustice – especially to women born in 1953-4.


For most who make their money out of pensions, the debate continues to be an irrelevance. No money will be made for fund managers, advisers or the army of service providers feeding into occupational and personal pensions.

Lawyers will be interested, in as much as it presents opportunities – but the pension lawyers are far too well heeled to go an ambulance chasing.

WASPI is an irrelevance to the City.


The timetable for 2016 is quite full enough with pension issues. Pension auto-enrolment is in full swing, the FCA are consulting on everything under the sun and we are already in the run up to the momentous 2016 budget which looks like being all change for pensions taxation.

Speaking with my friend Tom McPhail last night, we could hardly keep up with each other as we tried to make sense of how all this interracted with last year’s news – Pension Freedoms, Pension Wise and the Financial Advice Market Review.

The conclusion we came to  was ‘keep calm and carry on”. The world will not come to an end on February 1st or March 16th or anytime soon.

As Pangloss put it to Candide when in the wake of the Lisbon Earthquake


“il faut cultiver notre jardin”

I think that translates to “get on with it!”

keep calm

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  1. Gerry Flynn says:

    Surely an even bigger scandal that has been going on for a lot longer is the position surrounding women who paid “E” rate NI.

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