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If you’re choosing a financial adviser – listen to Alan.

Tips for picking advisers include going through their Twitter feed and avoiding those driving a posh car as your fees are paying for it. Judging by some adviser posts, Teslas seem to be a preference https://t.co/g20BfANoM7 — Ali Hussain (@AlihussainST) … Continue reading

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Pensions and the Media

We like to think that the media works well with the pension industry, but it’s a relationship based on our money, not on mutual respect. In this article I look at how the media really view pensions, concluding we have … Continue reading

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A right to debate or a right to restitution? #WASPI

For many of us, men retire at 65 and women at 60, that was hard coded into our learning like the multiplication tables and it’s clearly quite hard to unlearn. Steve Bee makes a good point on twitter "When is … Continue reading

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Three cheers for the fearless ABI

The current disaster that is happening week after week under our noses is avoidable (with alternative products), can be mitigated (with available advice) and is preventable (with proper regulation).
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Yes pensions minister

What was Steve Webb doing last week in launching aspirational pensions? Apparently, senior strategists within the DWP were as nonplussed as the majority of his audience as Steve called for a return to the pensions culture that fostered the defined benefit … Continue reading

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ABI and the OMO- guest blog by Alan Higham

ABI Consultation Paper on OMO Code of Conduct Posted on December 23, 2011 by Alan Higham The ABI has finally been pressed into taking some meaningful attempt to improve the outcomes people have at retirement. The ABI has a number … Continue reading

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Alan Higham’s open letter to Steve Webb

There is a simple solution worth trying to the persistent problem of people wasting billions of pension savings each year at retirement. Continue reading

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DWP – Do some Work for your Pensions.

Higham said it was a ‘disgrace’ and asked the DWP for an explanation but said he had not received a satisfactory answer. Continue reading

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Sexy cash for pensions – Politician nearly loses his patience

No matter how blameless Stevie may be, he’s only as good as his team. He protests that the DWP and the Treasury are the best of mates; the malpractice exposed like Alan Higham smacks of the DWP getting a little too close to the “dark side”. Continue reading

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