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State Street and People’s – a lack of “emissional” intelligence?

I am not very happy that People’s Pension has chosen State Street to manage the money under its master trust. In early 2014, State Street were found guilty of over-charging a variety of pension funds and were fined by the … Continue reading

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Disruption – is how social media regulates

In the context of Business continuity management, Disruption is an event which causes an “unplanned, negative deviation from the expected delivery … according to the organization’s objectives”. In this blog, I argue that disruption is part of the governance process … Continue reading

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Why employers pay no attention to the pension

Darren Say has written a very contentious article that you can read here Darren opens by repeating three statements on pensions …employers don’t want world class pensions, they just want the problem to comply with AE legislation to be taken off … Continue reading

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Business relies on transparency – it’s time platform managers come clean

General principles Buying low and selling higher is the basis of all commerce. Intelligent purchasers seek to cut out intermediaries to buy direct. Smart intermediaries use their financial muscle to bulk-purchase, getting a better price than a single purchaser can … Continue reading

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Three cheers for the fearless ABI

The current disaster that is happening week after week under our noses is avoidable (with alternative products), can be mitigated (with available advice) and is preventable (with proper regulation).
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Can a hedge fund make your money prosper?

  Here is a question asked to members of  our Pension Play Pen by Alan Miller. It’s a long question so I’ve broken it down a bit- my answers at the bottom! When you consider predictions (eg LBS’s Dimson & Marsh) … Continue reading

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Pensions; holy grail or wholly fail?

The least we can do is to try and make life a little easier for them, than it has been for us! Continue reading

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Taxpayer subsidy for public service pensions to double over 6 years

This is an article from Michael Johnson. I agree with the numbers but I’m not so sure about the sentiment that lies behind it. As a nation we can afford anything if we chose to prioritise the spending and we … Continue reading

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Beeb forces closure of offshore payroll loophole

A good news story all round (except for the man and the goat on Sark). Continue reading

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Who invited banks into schools?

What do the FT, Vivi Friedgut and Martin Lewis have in common? Answer; a common wish to keep banks out of schools! Why have I posted that stupid photo to this blog? Answer; because it demonstrates comparable imbecility of allowing banks … Continue reading

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