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Remembrance day – let’s stop fighting.

    Today is the anniversary of the day we stopped the war on November 11th 1918. Two sides stopped the war and though the peace was a poor one, the relief of ending hostilities is remembered. More importantly the … Continue reading

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Public transport – I mean PUBLIC transport! – guest blog from Jayson Dudley.

  Another trip to back from Paris today and I’m no longer surprised at the lack of awareness people have when using their mobile phones, so let me recount a couple of stories from my early days in Information Security … Continue reading

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Room 101 for BT Fon

Join me if you would like the appallingly intrusive BT Fon service banished to room 101. The ridiculous pay as you go service is like the unwanted guest who turns up uninvited at your every event. BT Fon sits on … Continue reading

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My missus!

  My missus’ called Stella and, it being St Valentine’s day, I thought I’d say something about her. We met, nearly 15 years ago, in Ronnie Scotts in Birmingham, she had just become Pension Director at BT, something I found … Continue reading

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Grown up brands

How does a brand develop gravitas? Almost all internet start-ups set out to disrupt and this disruption starts with the brand. From the fore-runner Egg to the much advertised Nutmeg, we are asked to think of the brand as something … Continue reading

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Après-midi with the Bermondsey Bee – some thoughts on advice

I spent some leisure time yesterday afternoon with Steve Bee in and around the Bermondsey St Debtor’s Prison in which Jargon Free has its offices. I am 10 years younger than Steve and for many years have seen him as … Continue reading

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The best practice approach to choosing a workplace pension

  The Pension PlayPen has been asked to outline the research process that lies behind the Factsheets and provider ratings on . This is the process.   The purpose of Pension PlayPen research is To establish the universe of … Continue reading

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Post budget capacity challenge for insurers

    Scottish Widows boss Toby Strauss has told the Telegraph that his company is already facing a capacity crunch as it digests the impact of legislative changes over the past two years and faces the challenges of 2015. The … Continue reading

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Ros Altmann’s presentation on the merits of employing #olderworkers

14 Jul 14 – Fuller Working Lives: Announcing the new Business Champion for Older Workers. A joint ILC-UK/DWP event hosted by Legal & General from ILC- UK   According to Office for National Statistics estimates, in the next 10 years … Continue reading

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Providers cherry picking pension customers? Whatever next!

Money Marketing is reporting that insurers are cherry picking the workplace pensions they take on . That this is news says a lot for the appalling lack of underwriting applied by insurers to the pricing of new business in this market over … Continue reading

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