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Wishing you an authentically #LidlChristmas

Thanks to Lidl GB , I look forward to an authentic Christmas that I can believe in. I have no idea why or how Lidl will make me feel this way, but if its trailer for its Christmas ad is … Continue reading

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#UKPA – rewarding in a virtual way – come on AgeWage !

At 4pm this afternoon, we will be virtually attending the UK Pension Awards with faint hopes that my start-up AgeWage will pick up some kind of recognition for our work. I’ve bragged before about being up for four awards and … Continue reading

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“We’re racist , and that’s the way they we like it…”

“We’re racist, and that’s the way we like it” — M (@wolfxmobz1) June 13, 2020 The prequel It’s a sunny June morning, I had just cycled down the embankment from Blackfriars to turn left over Westminster Bridge. As I … Continue reading

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ESG? – don’t take anyone’s word for it!

  We employ asset managers for a reason The reason we employ asset managers is that they are better at investing our money than we are ourselves. They can do the job more time and cost effeciently , execute our … Continue reading

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Scary news day!

Scary news day! Yesterday (Weds 24th) saw the arrival of Boris Blimp in his West End townhouse and the announcement that nothing much has changed at the top of the DWP- except the SOS’ brief – which now includes equality … Continue reading

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Breaking trust and breaking wind! Lifesight’s problem with property rights.

One of the things ordinary people fear most about spending on their retirement, is giving money to institutions they know nothing about and having very little say in the management of their money. No matter how hard I used to … Continue reading

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GDPR – a contrarian view

I was going to entitle this piece “f*#k GDPR” but I have too many people I like, who live that dream, to risk offence. But I’ll be glad after 25th May, not to have to spend 30 minutes a day, … Continue reading

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The CMA and IDWG are looking for the right grubs under the wrong stones.

The Competition and Markets Authority has produced the first of a series of working papers (only 90 pages) looking at the buy-side of institutional intermediation (e.g. what happens between buying an asset and the return the customer gets). “The evidence reviewed … Continue reading

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Thanks to all our nice new friends!

    What a lovely New Year’s surprise! A gang of flamers having fun “one-starring” my blog! Well it’s good news for me, all feedback is good feedback and your dislike of everything I am writing is boosting my google … Continue reading

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Remembrance day – let’s stop fighting.

    Today is the anniversary of the day we stopped the war on November 11th 1918. Two sides stopped the war and though the peace was a poor one, the relief of ending hostilities is remembered. More importantly the … Continue reading

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