Wishing you an authentically #LidlChristmas

Thanks to Lidl GB , I look forward to an authentic Christmas that I can believe in. I have no idea why or how Lidl will make me feel this way, but if its trailer for its Christmas ad is anything to go by, it is a Christmas for little girls and robins and mince pies, a  Christmas that lives up to the promise of our Christmas cards.


Of course like the good consumer that I am, I joined 21K other “likers” and am now on a Lidl tweeting list

This is important to me as I consider Christmas needs validation. I have been studying in recent years the core values of Christmas as explored in this excellent study by Quietroom of the Santa brand.

Now, more than ever, we need the authenticity of consumer brands to create certainty around the nebula of Christmas. In a pandemic there are certain things we can hold on to and the Lidl shopping experience is central to our Christmas belief system.


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  1. Robert says:

    Nice Lidl Christmas ad.

    +1 for the Lidl shopping experience……better than many other supermarkets!

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