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How did Christmas go viral?

  When Joseph and Mary rocked up ap Bethlehem, it was to pay their taxes – no online submissions for them. They were looking for stable pricing for a night – what with Mary being pregnant – they got it … Continue reading

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Listening to what is being said.

Colin Meech wins the peace A couple of days ago, I spent an enlightening hour in Parliament listening to the witness of Colin Meech and Jonathan Lipkin to the Work and Pensions Select Committee. I have known Colin a few … Continue reading

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Could “Dashboard-Day” be here at last?

Today’s a big day out for the dashboard-istas! Over the weekend , Theresa May linked herself to the pensions dashboard using the Daily Mail to pin her colours to the mast. It is clear that the Pensions Dashboard is going … Continue reading

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Five Christmas Crackers from the Pension PlayPen!

Merry Christmas readers. I bring you news!     Nightmare. I was dreading this happening. Happy Christmas, everyone. pic.twitter.com/M2nqF6Epca — Al Rush (@RAF_IFA) December 24, 2017 Plan B Here are five Christmas Crackers to discuss round the tree while you’re waiting … Continue reading

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FAB Index sends us all a happy Christmas!

BAE adopts sensible funding approach as FAB Index hits all time high. BAE Systems has announced it is adopting an “asset-led” funding approach, enabling it to maintain its funding deficit at 2014 levels and continue to provide defined benefit (DB) … Continue reading

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A tale so sad I cried writing it down

    I had my Christmas lunch with Brian. Brian is homeless. He is 69. He will not use hostels or night-shelters as this would mean mixing with people who drink. He does not drink as his family was a … Continue reading

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Sobriety at Christmas

Crisis at Christmas Most of my 55 Chistmas’ have been “merry”, to the point of self-indulgence. This Christmas I am discovering that for other people, “merry” is a hard-earned word. Last night I saw people coming into Crisis At Christmas’ Bermondsey … Continue reading

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Well the days are getting longer again…

There is a cyclicality about the calendar that deflates the vanity of our earthly endeavours. We may feel we have reached rock bottom, our heads screaming for cold relief, party relief and release from the toad work, but guess what … Continue reading

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A Christmas present for UK pension plc

The Pension Protection fund published its monthly update on Tuesday. The news slipped out quietly (as good news generally does). The aggregate deficit of the 5,794 schemes in the PPF 7800 Index is estimated to have decreased over the month to … Continue reading

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No fear! Ruminations on 2016 and how to face it.

It’s Christmas morning which is a very special time. We all have our private Christmas’ but it’s a day when we share ourselves with family and I’m lucky still to have my parents with me and our whole clan are … Continue reading

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