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Christmas naif that I am

I found this grumpy blog in my 2011 archive First Posted on December 24, 2011 by henry tapper “Driving home for Christmas“… singing the song….. there’s a service station at Fleet…. you know there’s a service station from the blue motorway signs telling you … Continue reading

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A full-throated “merry Christmas” now is a day of hope!

I went to Midnight Mass at St Paul’s cathedral and the cathedral was half full. The choir sang beautifully without masks and we sang through ours. We prayed and listened to a sermon about angels and we took half of … Continue reading

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With Christmas in our hearts we can change everything!

  Waking up to Christmas by radio 5’s Liz Bonnan and a podcast that has been searing my soul, I realised two things had changed. Firstly, my world – I was listening from London not my mother’s house – where … Continue reading

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We can’t cancel Christmas when it’s in our hearts!

Saturday 19th December – the low point of the pandemic so far. Trouble had been brewing all week. You sensed that politicians (especially Boris Johnson) were in denial, but the case numbers spoke a different truth, something ugly was happening … Continue reading

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COVID-19 ; have recent Government interventions helped?

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Wishing you an authentically #LidlChristmas

Thanks to Lidl GB , I look forward to an authentic Christmas that I can believe in. I have no idea why or how Lidl will make me feel this way, but if its trailer for its Christmas ad is … Continue reading

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How did Christmas go viral?

  When Joseph and Mary rocked up ap Bethlehem, it was to pay their taxes – no online submissions for them. They were looking for stable pricing for a night – what with Mary being pregnant – they got it … Continue reading

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Listening to what is being said.

Colin Meech wins the peace A couple of days ago, I spent an enlightening hour in Parliament listening to the witness of Colin Meech and Jonathan Lipkin to the Work and Pensions Select Committee. I have known Colin a few … Continue reading

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Could “Dashboard-Day” be here at last?

Today’s a big day out for the dashboard-istas! Over the weekend , Theresa May linked herself to the pensions dashboard using the Daily Mail to pin her colours to the mast. It is clear that the Pensions Dashboard is going … Continue reading

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Five Christmas Crackers from the Pension PlayPen!

Merry Christmas readers. I bring you news!     Nightmare. I was dreading this happening. Happy Christmas, everyone. pic.twitter.com/M2nqF6Epca — Al Rush (@RAF_IFA) December 24, 2017 Plan B Here are five Christmas Crackers to discuss round the tree while you’re waiting … Continue reading

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