A full-throated “merry Christmas” now is a day of hope!

I went to Midnight Mass at St Paul’s cathedral and the cathedral was half full. The choir sang beautifully without masks and we sang through ours. We prayed and listened to a sermon about angels and we took half of the communion (the bit that didn’t involve sharing a cup). It seemed to sum up 2021 so far.

For most of us, the biggest excitement of the year may have been awaiting the result of an LFT or PCR.

Words of Lou Reed’s echo in my head

Caroline says
while biting her lip
Life is meant to be more than this
and this is a bum trip

But today is Christmas!

A full-throated merry Christmas!

It doesn’t matter if we are not with all our loved ones, if we are lonely and missing the Christmasses of the past,

What matters is that we have joy in  our heart for the future. Facing the future is easier because of Christmas, and here I  admit my faith.  The birth of Jesus gives me hope, it means to me that life is worth more than what we see and feel around us.

So – constrained as I am in my flat in the City by all the restrictions that the pandemic places on us , I can write the words “merry Christmas” with the inner certainty that there will be a happy new year – firm in the belieft I have as a follower of that little chap who lay in a manger in Palestine over 2020 years ago.

Merry Christmas – if you are wet and cold through a rainy night on the streets of London

Merry Christmas – if you are in hospital or suffering at home from the misery of ill-health.

Merry Christmas – if you are grieving a loved one.

Merry Chrismas – if your heart is broken by the circumstances you find yourself in.

For us all, there is the infinite compassion and solace of hope, wherever you may find it. I wish you that hope that I find in the putting aside of all worry, and embracing love.


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