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Do you work in the bullshit economy?

Stefan Stern has kindly shared an opinion piece he’s written in the Guardian, which I like very much. You can read it for free here (thanks to the Guardian’s enlightened sharing policy) Five years ago, Stella and I moved back … Continue reading

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Furloughing financial advice?

This blog has been furloughed

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Are you prepared for “work from home”?

Transparency in the workforce I’ve asked the question in a specific way. “Work from home” is going to become a reality for most office workers over the coming months as we struggle to contain or delay Coronavirus. It is likely … Continue reading

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“Patient Capital incubators” wanted. Our workplace pensions fingered!

The DWP and its pension minister Guy Opperman have taken the opportunity of a speech at the TUC conference to launch an unexpected and wide-ranging consultation on DC investments- where the money of “a couple of hundred short of 10m … Continue reading

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“Deliver me a world without work”!

In almost every conversation I have had about the purpose of a pension dashboard, up comes the word “engagement”. Engagement has become the horse to the savings cart, “you can’t expect people to save more unless you’ve engaged them with … Continue reading

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“Making workplace pensions work” – the Pension Regulator’s new approach

I’ve been on the Pensions Regulator’s stakeholder panel a couple of years and this gets me a ticket to their Annual Conference. I haven’t bought the new vision in previous years, but yesterday’s event, held in County Hall, pushed the … Continue reading

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Investing can now be “free” – here’s how.

I was sitting in a room of a leading asset manager yesterday listening to the yada yada. I’d needlessly put myself under a non-disclosure agreement but it was clear that there was no real news, so I thought I’d mention … Continue reading

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Get us baby-boomers back to work!

  The photo is of two college friends who had a full page splash in this weekend’s Sunday Times. Alison, was born a few days before me and we were at College together, Matthew met her at Mckinsey in the … Continue reading

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What would you give the block chain to do?

Think about what you hate most. I bet work has a lot to do with it! The “toad work” as Philip Larkin used to call it! I would like to do an audit of the things I hate most at … Continue reading

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Organising labour

“I don’t care where you do it, how you do it , when you do it – as long as the f-ing work gets done”.  My first boss. Of course he didn’t mean it- I soon found that flexible working … Continue reading

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