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Why are the over 50s not working so much?

Work is becoming less rewarding but more of us are getting a paycheque than ever before. People officially unemployed is falling but the number of us out of the labour market continues to rise and this is particularly amongst those … Continue reading

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“Britain’s future is brighter than the British realise!” – Dr Pippa Malmgren

This is a blog by Pippa Malmgren. I met her through the good folk at Mallowstreet and she is my favourite economic commentator bar none. So I’m really pleased she’s agreed for me to republish this remarkable work here.   … Continue reading

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Young People and Pensions

This is a blog by Vivi Friedgut of @blackbullion; she is also responsible for the picture and its contents!   Pensions don’t make for the most thrilling conversations. Like verrucas, funerals or the dream you had last night, talking about … Continue reading

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Going to work?

We should be looking to release our older workers to train up the youth and deploy their reliability and indpenedence the way they see best. That may not require them going to work. Continue reading

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We should be shipbuilding..

I worry for the happiness of Britain- especially for those who are and will be out of work over the next few years.
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