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Let’s get USS done!

What does the Trustee do? Ask a 7 year old what a Trustee does and a 7 year old would say “do trust”.  This is the verdict of chapter 7 of the second Joint Expert Panel on the Trustee of … Continue reading

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NEST needs you!

Interested in influencing how NEST works for members? News reaches me that the NEST Member Panel is recruiting and looking for hard working, conscientious , pension loving folk like us. You can apply for this position online up to and … Continue reading

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Trade Unions; a necessary agent of change in our pension system

  Turn to your weekend FT , you happy capitalists, and you will find two stories relating to monopoly of the big four accountants. The first is a comment piece by John Plender where he looks at why Government has … Continue reading

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Organising labour

“I don’t care where you do it, how you do it , when you do it – as long as the f-ing work gets done”.  My first boss. Of course he didn’t mean it- I soon found that flexible working … Continue reading

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Tata, BHS, Austin Reed- “the big mess”.

  In an excellent article “Home of the Big Mess” Ivan Laws gives us his experience of watching on as a defined benefit scheme he administered was plundered by people who had the wit to use pension surpluses to provide … Continue reading

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A great way to deliver the Guidance Guarantee (for the right employer)

Josh Collins   In recent weeks, I’ve been taking the temperature of the pension trustees of large employers and found that enthusiasm for providing guidance to employees at retirement is limited. This is understandable. Do trustees want to become surrogate … Continue reading

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In place of strife

As we contemplate the impact of industrial strife as the structural changes to pensions (and elsewhere) are rolled out, we need to be looking to the solutions that have worked. Perhaps this is one of them.
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We should be shipbuilding..

I worry for the happiness of Britain- especially for those who are and will be out of work over the next few years.
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What chance have you got against a tie and a crest?

It’s one thing to see off Brown and co, holed up in the Downing Street bunker, another to beat the beastly bosh lined up in the public sector trenches. Continue reading

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