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What’s the Long Term Asset Fund and will it work?

The ‘Long Term Asset Fund’ (LTAF) will be launched within the year to provide long term alternative and innovative investments. I’m quoting here from a paper send by my Swedish friend Per Andelius and written by the lawyers CMS The … Continue reading

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Standard Life’s IGC provides a bit in the middle

Standard Life’s IGC has been very courteous and issued an interim report for those (like me) who read their reports every March/April. This year we will have to wait till July to read the report and I’m particularly interested in … Continue reading

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Auto Enrolment 2.0 – anything new?

At the launch of the Resolution Foundation’s Retirement Living Standards, Pensions Minister Guy Opperman laid out some plans for what he’s calling Auto-enrolment 2.0. This blog asks whether 2.0 is just more of the same or a genuine upgrade. It’s … Continue reading

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Nest sees strong saving through the pandemic – why not?

A tricky course to navigate. Whatever is written about pension saving over the past 12 months needs to written in pencil, with the option to rub-out and replace where offence is incurred. That’s because generalizations about people’s capacity to save … Continue reading

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A breakthrough in measuring the quality of DC scheme data.

  One of the critical issues facing Government in establishing a pensions dashboard is “data readiness”. Currently it is in a relatively weak position to argue that schemes are or aren’t dashboard ready, since it has no way either to … Continue reading

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Pension Bee floats for £300m – MPs dither over dashboards

    Two things caught my eye yesterday evening. The first was a comment made in parliament by Nigel Mills MP on protecting people from themselves and denying them access to digital consolidation via a dashboard. Nanny state The Government … Continue reading

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Which comes first – the dashboard or the data?

I’m doing a call this morning with some pension strategy people , some from Fintech and some representing “old tech”. It’s a timely discussion as the Scottish National Party  limbers up to put a spoke in the wheels of an … Continue reading

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Opperman lays out his 2021 agenda at the PLSA

How far we’ve come from ministers reading out statements at pension conferences with no questions flanked at entry and exit by flunkies. Yesterday we had an open- shirted Pensions Minister delivering , seemingly without notes and within the intimacy of … Continue reading

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TISA’s plans for low paid AE opt outs are a disgrace

About a year ago the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (Tisa) asked its members to vote for a name change to The Investing and Saving Alliance. This meant it kept the Tisa acronym even though the underlying name changed. TISA hopes it … Continue reading

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“The way we were” – DWP AE Evaluation

In normal times, the publication of a major Government review of auto-enrolment would be newsworthy. Apart from a series of mentions by Jo Cumbo, I have seen no publicity for it – from the DWP or their press office or … Continue reading

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