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Has politics saved football?

For decades we have heard footballing pundits moan about the politicization of football, it’s worth posting this paragraph of an excellent BBC article on the European Super League. The government’s promise this week to legislate, effectively in order to grant … Continue reading

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The politics behind extending auto-enrolment

Yesterday the TUC conference discussed widening the scope of auto-enrolment to include the self-employed, the youngest workers and those on low incomes within the financial net of auto-enrolment. Yesterday UBER finally admitted that it controlled its workers to a degree … Continue reading

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A year of staying safe – statistics show how we survived 2020 (and will 2021)

The latest statistics from the CMI show that were it not for COVID – 2020 would have been the year of “staying alive” The CMI judge that we have now surpassed 100,000 excess deaths in the pandemic. Their quote explains … Continue reading

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A Minister Drinking the Regulator’s Kool-Aid – No Consolation

An article by Con Keating The  preamble to a recent article in Professional Pensions by the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman, read: ” In the fourth of a five-part series of articles for PP, pensions minister Guy Opperman sets out how … Continue reading

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Magnanimous in defeat

To all at Incisive – well done boys and girls- what would we do without you even if you could’nt run an election in Zimbabwe! Continue reading

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Pension Playpen lunch- the new consensus

Next lunch is Monday December 6th- same place but we’ll be doing a Christmas special. Continue reading

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Swapping away your pension increases?

We’re seeing a lot of sponsors asking their trustees to agree that members can be offered a cash inducement or a higher level pension in exchange for their giving up their entitlement to future increased in their pensions. So what should … Continue reading

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The day when everything changed

I may be wrong, I hope I am not wrong, tonight I am proud to be Bristish.
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