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Democratising pensions in Manchester

Diverse accross the ages The pictures above are from the library supplied journalists by the PLSA, they are what the PLSA would like you to think they are about, and yesterday’s sessions really were about youth. But young is as … Continue reading

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#terrorism has no race/religion.

When the IRA bombed #manchester people didn’t blame the Irish, yet are so quick to condemn Muslims/Islam, #terrorism has no race/religion.  Jo Bishop (twitter)     There is no lesson to be learned from senseless violence, much as we might … Continue reading

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The Pension Play Pen Christmas Party

Morning everyone! Well it would be were it not for It being the last school day of the year It raining cats and dogs- enought to make Noah give up! My head suggesting I am on fast spin in my beautiful … Continue reading

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Diversification and speculation are different.

I have mentioned TOBAM on this blog before, but as @firstactuarial had the good sense to invite its CEO Yves Choueifaty  to their conference yesterday and he and his assistant Lauren were kind enough to fly from Paris to Manchester and take a train … Continue reading

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Stop moaning Britain!

I am in Manchester , it is raining- Jenny K is tweeting there’s no such verb  as “to medal”, the pensions world is indignant but I have the sun strapped over my shoulder and shout out “cheer up, stop moaning and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Olympic paranoia at Old Trafford

Chatting with a steward outside Old Trafford we talked of the Olympic Stadium. I told him about my family’s trip there on Saturday. He told me about Old Trafford. They get 75,000 people on a matchday- they know how to … Continue reading

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Will the Big Society sort pensions?

When people get to their sixties, they are faced with some big choices. There are life-style choices as they face up to their bodies not being able to do what they once did and their brains not being quite as quick as they … Continue reading

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DC Risk sharing aux etats de Jersey

  A year ago I wrote of the NAPF 2010 gig as our train departed Lime Street. I’m writing as my train pulls out of Piccadilly-Joanne may be aboard. I hope she’s not bought another first class ticket as this train has been … Continue reading

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24 cheers for The Pension Play Pen Lunch

There’s a fine tradition in this country of people getting together in coffee houses and taverns and sorting out how and with whom business should be transacted. This was how the insurance market was founded in London and it still is how … Continue reading

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From the Piccadilly tram

I have long wanted to go to work on a tram, through Salford. I write to you from Media City tram stop. I am bypassing the “Lowry Corporate wi-fi network” though the thought of Lowry endorsing  mobile blogging appeals. Instead, courtesy … Continue reading

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