Stop moaning Britain!

Pension Strike - London

Pension Strike – London (Photo credit: Nick Atkins Photography)

I am in Manchester , it is raining- Jenny K is tweeting there’s no such verb  as “to medal”, the pensions world is indignant but I have the sun strapped over my shoulder and shout out

“cheer up, stop moaning and enjoy the ride”.

We all know about the Olympics– the olympics are absolutely brillliant. Here is the medal table as it stands this morning.

Britain are shown as 16th but above us are only “bastards” and Malta.

So don’t go complaining about medals to me.

And what about pensions? Andrew Young who is tPR’s #1 actuary wrote on Facebook yesterday that is the #1 pensions blog in the UK – which is about as credible as the afore-posted medals table!

Variously, just about every single issue that this blog has dealt with over the past two years is now at the top of the pensions political agenda. Veritably you read it hear first.

And though there was as little moaning along the way, the common thrust of this blog is to make things better not to moan about how bad things have got.

It may be raining in Manchester- it may be 7am and I may have had a glass of red wine or two too many last night in Hotel Stupid, but I’m up for the best two weeks ever- are you?

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