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It’s good to be Great.

Britain look like beating the medal tally they achieved as a home competitor. In medal terms they will be either second or third most successful competitor on this most elevated of world stages. So why should anyone question a little … Continue reading

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Olympics 2012 – what it’s made me change.

I will never look at someone with cerebral palsy or any other disability in the same way again. The Paralympics have broken taboos I did not know I had, taboos broken by stories of prosthetic limbs being hurled around the olympic village as much … Continue reading

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I’m so bored with the U-S-A!

There’s nothing like a bad loser – this from the guys who gave us the Atlanta and  Los Angeles fiascos!   LONDON — Be careful if you run into Brits for the next little while: They’re under a spell.  Specifically, they … Continue reading

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Bolt live – a night with genius

Of all the very wonderful things about my Olympics, last night’s experience watching Usain Bolt and his colleagues clean up in the 200m sprint ranks highest. Not that the performances of the other five medallists on the night were not … Continue reading

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The incredible day

Everyone in Britain yesterday today will have been touched in some way by the Olympics. Like the opening ceremony, the events that unfurled last night in the Olympic Stadium were dream-like. Watch the action in the BBC’s brilliant video montage … Continue reading

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Our Golden Olympic girls from Somerset and the Mod God!

Thank goodness that we have a gold medal – Britain felt constipated without one . The experience of watching Glover and Stanning  win gold  was better than a long-expected bowel movement. Stanning’s from Yeovil and Glover’s a ..Glover… and she went to school … Continue reading

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Stop moaning Britain!

I am in Manchester , it is raining- Jenny K is tweeting there’s no such verb  as “to medal”, the pensions world is indignant but I have the sun strapped over my shoulder and shout out “cheer up, stop moaning and enjoy the … Continue reading

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Twenty reasons to love these Olympics (and they’re only 2 days old)

The volunteers – they’re everywhere, they are helpful, they are the heart and soul of the Olympics THANKS The army – cancelling holidays to make this work – brilliant efficient reassuring THANKS Danny Boyle for helping us understand why we’re proud … Continue reading

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It’s not just about medal tables!

I’ve been rude about the Olympic Park before now, earlier in the year I took the family to a warm up event which turned out to be an exercise in lock down, it rained, we saw little and we got cold. … Continue reading

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Do not be terrorised by anti-terrorism.

I feel like a stranger in my own City. This is not my London that I live in, it is a town that has been handed over to the security forces. We are a town under threat of a “known … Continue reading

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