Twenty reasons to love these Olympics (and they’re only 2 days old)

  1. The volunteers – they’re everywhere, they are helpful, they are the heart and soul of the Olympics THANKS
  2. The army – cancelling holidays to make this work – brilliant efficient reassuring THANKS
  3. Danny Boyle for helping us understand why we’re proud to be British
  4. Boris Johnson – ditto
  5. Handball – yabba yabba doo! this is the greatest spectator sport– played by madmen and women
  6. Archery- Lords is a brilliant choice – today was a magnificent sporting event
  7. Mark Cavendish– for not losing his rag – I would have!
  8. The crowds – proving you can get through an event without getting drunk and abusive
  9. The flora and fauna at the Olympic Park – much appreciated
  10. London Transport doing a brilliant job over the weekend
  11. Radio 5 live- morning noon and night
  12. The Copperbox- one of the best venues I’ve ever watched sport in
  13. The military band that parades early in the morning in the Olympic Park
  14. The weather – for continuing to take the piss
  15. The Pavarotti look alike who scored a ten with seconds to spare to win the Italians archery gold.
  16. Eton Dorney for being round the corner
  17. French Brothers for running ferries to Eton Dorney for only £3 (from Windsor Bridge)
  18. Women’s football
  19. Kids – and the enlightened ticketing policy that means the stadia are packed with.
  20. The Olympic organising committee and all who kept the faith and made this happen.

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2 Responses to Twenty reasons to love these Olympics (and they’re only 2 days old)

  1. Mike Atkin says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Henry – my mood is lifting. The Industrial Revolution of the opening ceremony was awsome.
    Every silver lining has a cloud though and for me its the Scots and Welsh refusing to acknowledge the Anthem of the United Kingdom that they “represent” – sometimes the truth is stranger than any fiction.

  2. Andrew Main says:

    Anyone coming up from the Kent or East Sussex should take advantage of the Shuttle train service from Ebbsfleet to Stansted on Javelin trains. Its a 10 minute ride which made our day not having to come into London to go to Stratford.

    For me the excitement and interest shown by my eight year old daughter since attending the swimming and walking round the venues has been well worth the expense. Your comments on the venue are so accurate to the feel good factor it has added to a great day out.

    Well done Locog!

    The only surprise request since is to go to Rio “but daddy dont book the flights until you have the tickets”

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