Our Golden Olympic girls from Somerset and the Mod God!

Thank goodness that we have a gold medal – Britain felt constipated without one .

The experience of watching Glover and Stanning  win gold  was better than a long-expected bowel movement.

Stanning’s from Yeovil and Glover’s a ..Glover… and she went to school in Somerset!

So it’s Yeovil wot won it! Take a bow!

But I’ll move on!

The experience of watching Bradley Wiggins winning the Time Trial was better than sex!

To have the priviledge of watching two gold medals being won within 15 miles of where I live is one not granted to many! That they were the first two British golds of the games makes it even better,

The photo here is of Wiggo in the Velodrome with his daughter (nicked off twitter). The faces of the two are a tonic!

OMG! Thanks to everyone who brought these wonderful games to Britain and gave us such happiness!


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