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Do it for Britain not the markets Rishi!

Who runs Britain? I’ve said this several times with relation to the LDI crisis, but we don’t set policy to please the markets , we set policy because it’s right for Britain. The Autumn Statement on Thursday is likely to … Continue reading

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Must Britains be slaves to online pension fraud?

In yesterday’s debate on Online Harms, I urged the Minister to act to stop people losing their pension savings through scams. The Government doesn’t want to tackle this in its Online Safety Bill. It needs to think again. pic.twitter.com/uU5CRBMpOW — … Continue reading

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It’s not just what you save, it’s the way you invest it – that’s what gets results

Bananarama  and the Funboy Three do not figure on my Spotify playlists , they supplied us with some annoying earworms and the inspiration for this blog but  ‘Tain’t What You Do (It’s the Way That You Do It) is a … Continue reading

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Is Britain full up?

Reading the Office of National Statistics “National Population Projection“, I’d answer that question “no”. If anything it seems we are not growing as a population as fast as we’d expected. The UK’s population is projected to increase by 3 million … Continue reading

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Is there wisdom in saving?

Thanks to Dave Thompson who sent me this random picture, presumably with a hope of an answer! I suspect its a teaser for Pensions Awareness Day – which is now just a fortnight away! Well here goes Dave, I’m going … Continue reading

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An Apple a day, 700 reasons not to stay!

General angst, everywhere but here! There are a lot of people getting very angry about the EU’s determination that Apple should be paying Euro 13bn in tax to the Irish Government. Apple aren’t happy at the prospect of corporate profits … Continue reading

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Hilary Salt gets a touch of the William Blakes!

Arise you actuaries from your slumber (guest blog from Hilary Salt) I’ve found the last few weeks exhilarating. For the first time in perhaps 30 years, there’s been a real political debate in Britain. A debate where it clearly mattered … Continue reading

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Britain unproductive? Small wonder!

“Now is not the time to change pensions tax relief”. The words of the Treasury’s press release that spelt the end of radical pensions reform (for now). Oh what an opportunity missed – and for what? To keep a party … Continue reading

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What’s the point of banks?

News that the HSBC is to slash it’s costs by $5bn. spells trouble for 6,000 British workers and their families. It will probably be seen as good news to the shareholders of the bank but what of the customers? There was … Continue reading

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Who’s risk is it anyway? How Canada and Britain are dumping pension risk

I’m off to Manhattan to talk to a couple of hundred Canadian pension experts. This is broadly what is going to be said, I’ll be sharing the stage with a couple of Canadian pension experts and (if you open the presentation), … Continue reading

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