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2022 – a year when pensions tightened our belts.

  There have been many good years for pensions this century and most people find themselves much better off than they were when pensions were last formally reviewed by the Government in 2004. But 2022 was a year when almost … Continue reading

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Do it for Britain not the markets Rishi!

Who runs Britain? I’ve said this several times with relation to the LDI crisis, but we don’t set policy to please the markets , we set policy because it’s right for Britain. The Autumn Statement on Thursday is likely to … Continue reading

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Death by discount rates

Q: When is a million dollars not a million dollars? A: When it is not yet a million dollars. The pensions business is all about the long term. Fund managers like me are responsible for ensuring we have sufficient funds … Continue reading

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Coping with falling markets

It is a blessing that the first five years of auto-enrolment have seen world stock and bond markets rise. Low interest rates have had a lot to do with it, but we’ve also been in a period of comparative peace, … Continue reading

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Catch a falling knife?

For the first time since we had pension freedoms , we have a market that appears out of control. As I write, the London Stock Exchange is preparing to open, with the FTSE lagging the S&P by 2.5%. We are … Continue reading

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Understanding the Great Fall of China (in the pub).

While y’all went on holiday, market analysts threw a tantrum , Emerging stock Markets tanked and the Developed Markets went red and green faster than a traffic light. I love writing this stuff, it makes me feel grown up – like I had some job … Continue reading

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When all else fails – keep on working!

Jeroen Wilbronk is a really good bloke, but I always end up disagreeing with him. He’s one of these smart-arse markets people who has an answer for everytyhing! I’ve known him a few years and have always envied his sunny … Continue reading

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Why Bill Gross so doesn’t matter

  I went to a posh PIMCO conference at the Langham Hotel, I got very bored and left after the first session. Later that week PIMCO announced that their bond guru Bill Gross had left them. The story was that … Continue reading

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