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Who will disrupt western financial markets?

Maarten Ectors, L&G’s Chief Innovation Officer, writes regularly about using innovation to create new businesses. He has created Fintechs  himself and now holds sway over innovation in one of Britain’s most powerful financial institutions. When he writes, he writes with … Continue reading

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COVID-19; Out of Africa?

Cases in Africa If the COVID-19 situation and outcome is far from clear and certain in countries such as UK, the same could be said with even more justification for countries in Africa. Just as questions can be asked about … Continue reading

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Social distancing – UK is not like China!

A new paper “An international comparison of the second derivative of COVID-19 deaths after implementation of social distancing measures” has received some attention over the weekend. Perhaps because it was published by individuals from the same university, the paper has … Continue reading

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Understanding the Great Fall of China (in the pub).

While y’all went on holiday, market analysts threw a tantrum , Emerging stock Markets tanked and the Developed Markets went red and green faster than a traffic light. I love writing this stuff, it makes me feel grown up – like I had some job … Continue reading

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The markets are back but the damage is done.

There are those who thrive on the ups and downs of the stock market; high frequency traders take fractional advantage of moves up and down and like wind farms, make most when it’s stormy. You can buy and sell this … Continue reading

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There’s a lot we can learn from town planning

Many towns around the western world started out as Roman garrisons. Primitive stockades gave way to fortified settlements which attracted local residents who set up communities outside the fort’s walls. In time, the communities became protected by the Romans and the distinctions … Continue reading

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We should be proud to have an opt-out!

An old friend of mine tweets me beginning “I’m a libertarian but…!” The but is an objection to the feckless being able to opt out of their pension plan. Of course she is a fascist though you cannot tell her that any … Continue reading

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The economic history of the world in one little graph

  That headline is a big promise. But here it is: The economic history of the world going back to Year 1 showing the major powers’ share of world GDP, from a research letter written by Michael Cembalest, an analyst … Continue reading

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“A million maybe two million died – nobody knows”

This from BBC Radio 5 live this morning; a reminder of the North Korean famine that is thought to have wiped anything from 800,000 to 3.5m people between 1995 and 2002. This from Wikipedia  In 1998, US Congressional staffers who visited the country … Continue reading

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