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An employee whose job was to be sacked

Customer service has improved little in the last fourty years. This story demonstrates the high standards that once existed in one of our leading Department Stores. Continue reading

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Why is the pension user journey so rough?

People worry about their pensions, they do not enjoy the prospect of having a later life free of work, they worry that they haven’t saved enough, they’ve lost their pension rights , they worry about their money running out before … Continue reading

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What rights do banking customers still have?

I received a letter out of the blue from Scott Miller, Head of Customer Services at Barclays. It’s a pro-forma and it included a new credit card, if it hadn’t, I’d have not read it. Not so great I thought, … Continue reading

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Pension’s day of reckoning draws nigh!

April 6th 2016 should be a date with a red circle round it on any pension’s office calendar. It’s the day when contracting-out officially comes to an end- “cessates” – is no more. It is also the date when the … Continue reading

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Auto-enrolment needs payroll and advisers on the same page.

News reaches me from up north of an abrasive public meeting in which a major payroll disputed the value of financial advice in staging auto-enrolment. I need not name names, sadly it comes as no surprise to hear a payroll software providers … Continue reading

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Investing for drawdown – How L&G are responding to the challenge

Nigel Wilson, L&G’s CEO- recently ran a hang-out to discuss key issues. My question to him, was a bit technical and I’m glad that easier questions were put on the day! I asked what solutions L&G could come up with … Continue reading

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When all else fails – keep on working!

Jeroen Wilbronk is a really good bloke, but I always end up disagreeing with him. He’s one of these smart-arse markets people who has an answer for everytyhing! I’ve known him a few years and have always envied his sunny … Continue reading

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“Pensions people can trust” – a proper kick in the nuts.

If we could only lift up our eyes from our spreadsheets and do some strategic thinking, we’d be grateful that Labour are trying to clean up our act. Continue reading

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Whatever happened to “stakeholder economics”?

When Blair swept to power in 1997, Will Hutton‘s vision of a stakeholder economy was central to New Labour‘s vision. While the idealism of those years is now derided, I prefer it to the negativity of today’s commentary. Listening to … Continue reading

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Mothball NEST till 2017

Should we mothball NEST and brush it off in 2017? Maybe a little drastic but we certainly need to scale back the amount it is spending both in events and it its payroll.
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