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Why is the state pension so complicated?

  Due to the wonder of BBC sounds , you can listen to Paul Lewis, Ros Altmann and Steve Webb discussing this question (minutes 2-13); it’s well worth listening to as it is full of good tips for you , … Continue reading

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Simple pension wisdom from Steve Webb

Is Steve Webb emerging as the long awaited Martin Lewis of pensions? Webb’s deep understanding of state benefits and of the state pension in particular, coupled with a kind and liberal manner, means he is becoming much more than his … Continue reading

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How will history remember the Pension Schemes Act 2021?

  The Pension Schemes Bill received Royal Assent last week and is now enacted. Though assent is a formality, it draws the line in the sand. “What is changing”  is now “what has changed” and the work of Guy Opperman … Continue reading

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Sexy-cash is back incentivizing pension transfers – let’s nip this in the bud

When you move your pension to an AJ Bell Youinvest SIPP, we’ll reward you with between £100 and £2,000 cashback to say thank you. The more you transfer, the more you’ll get. T&Cs apply. Capital at risk. Check for benefit … Continue reading

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Balance sheet relief leads to later life grief?

It’s a shame for my loyal readers (Con Keating especially) that some of the most interesting comments on my blog are made on twitter and linked in. In yesterday’s blog I suggested that our former pensions minister, Steve Webb, was … Continue reading

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Is your Mum getting her proper state pension? – Steve Webb’s making sure!

Apologies to readers whose Mums are no longer around and to younger readers whose Mums are still to retire. but the majority of people who read this blog are millennials and boomers whose Mums are drawing the state pension along … Continue reading

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Why a new pensions commission would fail

There’s a call from our current pensions minister to set up another pension commission like we had fifteen years ago.  That commission was a success as it resulted in progressive policies like auto-enrolment and made us sit up and think … Continue reading

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So what do pension people want from politicians?

I’ve started so I’ll finish, I will post my views on the Conservative manifesto from a pensions perspective, when it gets published. But as I didn’t have to waste many words on the Liberal policy pleasantary  afterthought, I’d look into … Continue reading

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A third way for pensions? Not this time!

Liberal pension policy – ahem! I was asked yesterday, after my discussion of the Labour party’s pension manifesto , to analyse other party’s pension policy commitments. I’d like to write a headline about Liberal party support for present and future … Continue reading

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Scary news day!

Scary news day! Yesterday (Weds 24th) saw the arrival of Boris Blimp in his West End townhouse and the announcement that nothing much has changed at the top of the DWP- except the SOS’ brief – which now includes equality … Continue reading

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