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IHT – the hated death tax takes a record toll

When you lose a loved one, you expect some bills. But few expect a bill from the tax-man when an estate is valued at more than the deceased’s IHT allowance. But , because of fiscal creep, the cascade of wealth … Continue reading

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Getting your children up the pension ladder

Pension Bee have come up with an imaginative way to boost loved ones’ pension savings by thousands of pounds with monthly tax-free gifts The pension operator modelled several scenarios to highlight the potential of passing on wealth through pension contributions. … Continue reading

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“The most kindest cut of all” – axing IHT exemptions would do pensions a favor.

My advice to the Treasury is simple “make DC pension pots taxable as part of the inheritable estate”.¬† It’s a tax break we can do without¬† The situation at present is like this Take your money out of your pot … Continue reading

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Could a wealth tax fix our broken economy?

Britain is broke, for the second time in 12 years our economy has hit the buffers but this time the noises coming out of Government suggest that it is the wealthy who will pay to fix it. This would be … Continue reading

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We need to simplify our pension affairs

We are told that pensions are complex. We are told that we need advice to manage our retirement finances. We are warned hat we could be scammed if we don’t. Is it any wonder that people look at their retirement … Continue reading

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