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How to turn a pot into a pension (megablog)

Hello and thanks for your interest! This mega-blog should be helpful to people who are 55 or older and have money “stuck” in pensions which they could do with to replace income from work. “Stuck” is the right word, most … Continue reading

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Why the pension dashboards have to be commercial

  Government pension projects rarely succeed and where they do succeed – it is because the public and private sectors find a way to work together. There are exceptions – the state pension and unfunded public sector schemes are pretty … Continue reading

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Self-sufficiency for pensions.

  Whether you are in charge of the PPF , one of the 13 Carillion defined benefit schemes, or any one of the thousand or so “distressed” pension schemes that might no have a sponsor able to bale it out;-the term … Continue reading

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DRAWDOWN TAX; I’m as free as a bird (in a cage)

  I’m as free as a bird can be when “freedom” is defined and confined by HMRC. “Me” as case study; I have a pension pot which wealth managers call “big” but can only supply me with an income of £15,000 … Continue reading

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Do we need so many pension schemes?

Ireland’s pension regulator wants to cut the number of corporate retirement plans in the country from 150,000 to 100 in a move that would put pressure on pension providers and asset managers to reduce fees. So it’s reported in the … Continue reading

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Pothole follows member

At one moment, as I sneakily followed the autumn statement on twitter (while supposed to be doing strategy), I heard the Chancellor remark Over the next five years the Government will spend £250m to pay for pothole repairs This has … Continue reading

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When spending your retirement pot – the first 5 years are vital – Con Keating

The process of converting retirement savings assets into an income, which has come to be known as decumulation, needs first to be placed in context. The decumulation phase of retirement savings is that period when an income is drawn from … Continue reading

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So just how does pot follow member?

Steve Webb was a politician long on vision but short on execution and no vision of Webb’s was less thought through than the big idea that we should all have “one big fat pot”. So of all Webb’s pension models … Continue reading

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Pot follows member – over a cliff?

There’s a great saying in racing “I’d follow that horse over a cliff”. It’s a morbid comment on most gambler’s instinct to chase losses for sentimental rather than economic reasons. When conviction sets in, then rationality is the loser and … Continue reading

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One million employers buying pensions in the dark.

I am comfortable with the interventions by Government in the sales side of workplace pensions. The DWP’s minimum standards legislation is progressing well and we look forward to seeing some secondary legislation in September. The Treasury’s work transforming the choices … Continue reading

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