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Labour vows to put the lid back on the pension pot.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…. NEW: Labour confirm they would reverse the decision to scrap the pensions lifetime allowance cap. They call it “the wrong priority, at the wrong time, for the … Continue reading

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Too many schemes, too many pots, too little pension!

We need to sort out pensions and we pensions need to sort out the climate. These are the challenges we face and I’m pleased to see Government is on to them! Over the weekend , I tried to put the … Continue reading

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Why self-service for pension choice may not be enough

It is odd thinking of the work that goes into the valuation of Defined Benefit Schemes, that so little has been done to help individuals value their DC pots. I don’t mean by that the monetary worth of a DC … Continue reading

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Still no evidence that pots are becoming pensions!

There’s not been much discussion about the HMRC’s latest update on what’s being drawn down from  our pensions and what there has been has interpreted the data differently. Alistair Mcqueen has tweeted positively New pension freedom data out today. Total … Continue reading

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Green pensions? How the DWP are looking to take the luck out of the pot.

Gina Miller is right on this Encouraging people to go green with their #pensions is an excellent aspiration but be very cautious @GuyOpperman Until @TheFCA protects consumers by granting 100% transparency of holdings, acts to stop #greenwashing – this could … Continue reading

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Should DC investment strategy be driven by pot size?

The FCA’s latest market data was published last week and it’s highlighted trends that I’ve been identifying on this blog for a few months. Just over 645,000 pension plans were accessed to buy an annuity, move into drawdown or take … Continue reading

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How to turn a pot into a pension (megablog)

Hello and thanks for your interest! This mega-blog should be helpful to people who are 55 or older and have money “stuck” in pensions which they could do with to replace income from work. “Stuck” is the right word, most … Continue reading

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Why the pension dashboards have to be commercial

  Government pension projects rarely succeed and where they do succeed – it is because the public and private sectors find a way to work together. There are exceptions – the state pension and unfunded public sector schemes are pretty … Continue reading

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Self-sufficiency for pensions.

  Whether you are in charge of the PPF , one of the 13 Carillion defined benefit schemes, or any one of the thousand or so “distressed” pension schemes that might no have a sponsor able to bale it out;-the term … Continue reading

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DRAWDOWN TAX; I’m as free as a bird (in a cage)

  I’m as free as a bird can be when “freedom” is defined and confined by HMRC. “Me” as case study; I have a pension pot which wealth managers call “big” but can only supply me with an income of £15,000 … Continue reading

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