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Respect small pension pots, they simmer our dreams

I was lucky to be invited to listen to Chris Curry yesterday at a DWP convened meeting to think about the issues around small pots. Much of the information discussed was proprietary to the DWP so I can’t share the … Continue reading

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Open pensions make Pot-for-Life redundant

oked at proposals from the Australian Government to test  Super pension schemes for the value we were giving for member’s money. This idea is not being universally well received in the UK, David Harris described it as politically inspired tosh. … Continue reading

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Pot follows member – over a cliff?

There’s a great saying in racing “I’d follow that horse over a cliff”. It’s a morbid comment on most gambler’s instinct to chase losses for sentimental rather than economic reasons. When conviction sets in, then rationality is the loser and … Continue reading

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Note to @stevewebb1 – My Pot can follow me to CDC.

John Ralfe, at a City seminar claimed there was no appetite for CDC either among employers or among members of pension schemes. Well I disagree; the people I talk to who are not in pensions say they want change- new … Continue reading

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