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Has this crisis broken your pension pot (and can it be mended)?

Ever the optimist, I kick off with an image of a pot that has been broken and becomes a thing of beauty. For many of us DC pension pot holders, this is devoutly to be hoped for. Though for some, … Continue reading

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Giving workers real news about their workplace pension

This video is well worth watching, it shows Michelle Sutton , one of HR’s most charismatic communicators, explaining how she hopes the 11,000 members of the Aegon SUEZ workplace pension are going to get updated on how their savings are … Continue reading

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“It’s all about the framing” – Stefan Lundbergh on ‘de-risking’ our pension pots

This article was first published on linked in It’s well worth following Stefan and indeed linking in to him as he has a range of good articles on that platform. A new one is coming on pension choice – always … Continue reading

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Fair shares from the state pension

  In her recent article on the state pension in the FT, Sarah O’Connor reminds us “In the UK in 1917, King George V sent 24 congratulatory telegrams to citizens who had reached their 100th birthday. By the mid-1980s there … Continue reading

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Why we all need a “master-pot”!

I’ve had to do some thinking over the past few days about small pots, partly because I shot my mouth off at a meeting with the DWP and got called for some bullish comments about consolidation by the Pensions Minister. … Continue reading

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Open pensions make Pot-for-Life redundant

oked at proposals from the Australian Government to test  Super pension schemes for the value we were giving for member’s money. This idea is not being universally well received in the UK, David Harris described it as politically inspired tosh. … Continue reading

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Is a retirement pot a retirement plan?

Jo Cumbo’s public resolution – as part of national financial planning week – to adopt a plan for her retirement – was as brave as it was sensible. How many of us have worked out a strategy for the “what … Continue reading

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What if your pension pot is invested in private equity?

The truth is most of us have no way of answering this question. We have no idea what our pension pots are invested in and it might surprise you to know that many of the default managed by master trusts … Continue reading

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Five good reasons to let people choose their workplace pension.

  Tom Mcphail, myself and Steve Bee are three pension people suggesting that in time people will be able to ask employers to pay into the pension they choose rather than the pension chooses for them. You can read about … Continue reading

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