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Whatever happened to the pensions-linked mortgage?

I phoned my bank yesterday looking for a mortgage. “How long do you want your mortgage for Mr Tapper?” “Fifteen years” “I’m sorry Mr Tapper, we can’t lend on an interest only basis beyond your 65th birthday so that will … Continue reading

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Sit down, shut up! Five reasons why the pensions charge cap will work.

It is not as if the insurers have not been given the chance to get their act together. They have – and continue to have – the chance to change. But if they will not clean up their act voluntarily, can they complain if politicians have to clean it up for them?
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How Large Pension Schemes raise standards for all

One of the odd things (asymmetries) about pensions is that 90% of the attention is focussed on 10% of the schemes. The top 100 pension funds in Britain have more assets under management than the next 900 . And if … Continue reading

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Good to be back – back to a different world.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. The problem – the hardware- my PC really wan’t up to the task and I’m on a cool Mac Air as I type. So what’s happened since last we met? A lot! … Continue reading

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