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We need a home ownership detox!

An important day for British Housing Policy Today, the Government will publish its white paper setting out its long-term housing strategy. This has implications for everyone living in the UK, including the homeless, those who rent, those who own and … Continue reading

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Doing something useful with our money

Pension Funds like bonds, they provide a regular income stream and some bonds pay income for twenty years or more, a bit like lending money as a mortgage. Which begs the question “why don’t pension funds lend money as mortgages?”. … Continue reading

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Pension tracking mortgages – a new idea from Josh Collins

This article has been sent me by Josh Collins who describes himself on Linked In asĀ  an “Aspiring pensions consultant, interested in improving the UK’s standard of living. Particular interests in: pensions, the care system (child and elderly), the NHS, … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the pensions-linked mortgage?

I phoned my bank yesterday looking for a mortgage. “How long do you want your mortgage for Mr Tapper?” “Fifteen years” “I’m sorry Mr Tapper, we can’t lend on an interest only basis beyond your 65th birthday so that will … Continue reading

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Money worries

She asked me to imagine her situation by thinking about mine. “Imagine”- she said, “what you have promised to pay for in the next twenty years”. Continue reading

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