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LDI – open to legal challenge? Keating and Clacher ask awkward questions.

  The authors of this blog are Iain Clacher & Con Keating The purpose of a UK defined benefit tax approved pension scheme trust will be set out expressly in the terms of the trust deed (or can be deduced … Continue reading

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Mark Carney v Barononess Altmann

In the Bank’s corner – Mark Carney In the Saver’s corner – Baroness Altmann Monetary policy is not helping ordinary people and low rates may be doing more harm than good Ordinary savers are being hung out to dry and … Continue reading

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What’s the point of banks?

News that the HSBC is to slash it’s costs by $5bn. spells trouble for 6,000 British workers and their families. It will probably be seen as good news to the shareholders of the bank but what of the customers? There was … Continue reading

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Money worries

She asked me to imagine her situation by thinking about mine. “Imagine”- she said, “what you have promised to pay for in the next twenty years”. Continue reading

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