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The loneliness of the long-distance saver

My heart goes out to Jo Cumbo as she pours over her provider statement. Jo is on the employer governance committee for the FT’s own workplace pension (I won’t mention the contract provider but it’s a household name). Here she … Continue reading

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We have “capitalism without the capital” – we should be patient!

It’s budget day and Nigel Wilson has been on Wake up to Money, urging the Chancellor to encourage Britain to invest positively for its future. He tells us that Britain has “Capitalism without the Capital”, he’s right and I’m with the … Continue reading

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Normalising pension saving for everyone

The TUC is publishing this morning important research into inclusion. Since our new pensions minister has included “inclusion” in his title, I hope he is reading it! Six in 10 workers in the UK agriculture and hospitality sectors are not … Continue reading

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Paul Lewis; you are awful – but I like you!

I was shocked to read – as I scrolled though my digital FT this morning – Paul Lewis telling me “employers should pay more into pensions”.  He argues that “miserly contributions into defined contribution schemes are storing up trouble”. I … Continue reading

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How can we expect the young to save? Here’s how!

The odds are stacked against our kids. Low interest rates make paying a mortgage a cinch But tight credit makes getting a first-time  mortgage a nightmare House price inflation makes first-time buying near impossible And pushes up rents as demand … Continue reading

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Myopia and the alternative fact

Not all prejudice is ill-intentioned, I know the author of this comment on a recent blog. He is not ill-intentioned – just short-sighted. There is no one interested to have defined benefit pensions in the UK. They are seem as … Continue reading

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The key to saving savings – guest blog from Tom Hibbard

    Has the key to the UK’s retirement savings challenge been in front of us for the last decade? An insight into behavioural economics may prove both informative and significant.   Auto-enrolment is now well under way in the … Continue reading

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The future of NEST

  NEST has called for people and organisations to comment on what it should do when the initial surge of auto-enrolment is over. We have already seen rivals to Sage suggesting it remain circumscribed to its current limited function. We … Continue reading

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What does milk have to do with saving? Guest blog from Ralph Frank

    Milk is the base ingredient for a range of food products.  Similarly, money is the base for a range of savings products.  The way the milk is treated determines the ultimate form of the food product that emerges.  … Continue reading

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LISA – genius or gimmick?

There are binary opinions about the Lifetime ISA (LISA), for some it is start of a new era for retirement savings, for others it is a spurious gimmick. The technical facts behind the Chancellor’s announcement in the 2016 Budget are … Continue reading

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