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How can savers be encouraged to engage with their savings?

  This is the 4th of eight blogs considering the questions put to us by the Work and Pensions Select Committee. Today’s exam question… How can savers be encouraged to engage with their savings? Quick answer; either we can convince … Continue reading

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Pension dashboards and the art of saying nothing.

  With a great deal of noise, the Government announced yesterday its intention to pilot a set of data standards with 11 pension providers; Aon Avivia B&CE LV HSBC NEST NOW Royal London Standard Life WTW Zurich The list is … Continue reading

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Double Bill; dashboard+transparency

  You wait a summer for the pension policy bus and then two come together! This morning’s the Treasury big reveal when they’ll be rolling out plans for the pension dashboard at Aviva’s Digital Garage in “trending Hoxton”. This afternoon’s the world’s … Continue reading

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David Gauke on making tax digital

    This is the transcript of a speech given  by David Gauke, the  Financial Secretary to the Treasury at the Armstrong Watson event: ‘Essentials of pensions, tax and payroll in 2016’ I think the RTI project one of the … Continue reading

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Ten reasons for the FinTech revolution

 This blog, provided by Innovate Finance, takes a step back by providing us with an overview of the traditional financial services sector to determine what exactly has prompted its disruption alongside the rise of FinTech. Below are a few key … Continue reading

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Let my money go!

  I woke up to news that the Pension Play Pen RBS bank account can now be accessed by my iphone using fingertip security. Apparently mobile technology has outwitted clunky old pc technology which makes my thumb all that stands between … Continue reading

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How low can guidance go?

The FCA have published an important document that sets out to define where guidance ends and advice begins. Thankfully , it’s one you can read without feeling guilty that you aren’t going to answer 150 consultation questions! The FCA has … Continue reading

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Does Generation X really trust the Internet?

  I laugh at my Mum who goes to Shaftesbury library to find out what to do. She’s 84 and you’d have thought she’d have learned how to use an iphone by now. I mean my 17 year old kid … Continue reading

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Is there a place for digital advice in pensions?

  I spoke yesterday at the Pershing Conference in Westminster. My pal David Calfo who is managing many of the seismic changes at the University Superanuaition Scheme  spoke with me and the session was chaired by Pershing’s Gerard Wellesley. It … Continue reading

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