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Why we will miss The Pensions Advisory Service!

By the end of this year, the Pensions Advisory Service will be no more, subsumed into the Single Guidance Body. By the end of spring, their vibrant “third world” offices in Belgrave Road will be empty. Whether the goodwill that … Continue reading

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L&G – “sometimes it’s better to listen than talk”; home truths from a member.

    Along with 40 or so others,  I went to the L&G IGC Annual Member Forum yesterday morning. I left with a beautifully produced slide deck and a professionally printed copy of this year’s IGC report- I also left … Continue reading

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“Best of TPAS-Best of MAS”; here’s your starter for 10!

Best of TPAS – best of MAS It’s good to hear that people with money problems will now get a “best of MAS/best of TPAS” service, ( what this press release is alluding to).   The Money Advice Service (MAS) and … Continue reading

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FCA -If you’re looking for innovation….get real!

The FCA says it has found precious little evidence of innovation from its Retirement Outcome Review. I am not surprised, judging by the people who it invites to its “workshops”, it is looking in the wrong places. It is necessary to … Continue reading

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Stop telling people what to do! (Michelle cracks the whip)

If you don’t know Michelle, then you should. She is the living, breathing soul of TPAS, an actuary who has forgotten how to be boring and a restorer of confidence in pensions. As the photos on this blog suggest – … Continue reading

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The “troubled” generation

  It’s not my phrase, infact it’s TPAS’ Michelle Cracknell’s phrase but I guess it applies to me. I’m 54 and according to everything I’ve been told for the past 30 years, it should be time to retire. I am … Continue reading

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Take TPAS’ women in pensions 2016 survey!

The Pension Advisory each year gauge the changing relationship between women and pensions. This year’s survey is released today. Today is the day when women take the agenda back from men on pensions. Black: It is important to try and … Continue reading

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Get behind Pension Wise

I am not saying this because I agree with everything that is going on, or even with everything that friends like Michelle Cracknell are saying, but because if we continue to talk Pension Wise down, we do it and the … Continue reading

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TPAS – the light shines on!

TPAS – bridging the pensions advisory gap! The light shines on… Continue reading

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