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Michelle Cracknell CBE

    Michelle Cracknell has been awarded a CBE It was announced on a Saturday as part of the Queen’s birthday honours. She is trying to make out it was for TPAS, but the award was given and earned by … Continue reading

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We are losing women leaders- will we also lose TPAS?

Going, going, gone – from public policy. At one point in 2015, we had a female pensions minister, MAS was run by a woman, tPR was about to be run by a woman, the FCA,  PLSA and NEST were run … Continue reading

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A single guidance service

The simple idea of merging the functions of The Pension Advisory Service, Money Advice Service and Pensions Wise under a single “Guidance” banner makes a lot of sense. It acknowledges that the current situation is working too well and supposes … Continue reading

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From Conference to Premier – the rise of TPAS.

Visit the rickety offices of the Pension Advisory Service (TPAS) in Victoria and you’re in for a big surprise. Not for TPAS the City style of the Treasury funded Money Advice Service. This is “Macclesfield not Manchester”. While my pre-match Bovril turned out … Continue reading

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