Michelle Cracknell CBE



Michelle Cracknell


Michelle Cracknell has been awarded a CBE

It was announced on a Saturday as part of the Queen’s birthday honours.

She is trying to make out it was for TPAS, but the award was given and earned by her. She has earned her CBE ;- many people (including me) have been inspired by her to do good things.

Michelle was awarded her CBE for being passionate in helping people make the most of their money.

Despite her being totally wrong in claiming the award is for TPAS, I’m republishing her blog  – posted yesterday on Linked in.

Well done Michelle 

TPAS is honoured with an award

Michelle Cracknell


Today I am the lucky recipient of an award on behalf of The Pensions Advisory Service. TPAS is a worthy winner of the CBE.

Culture is “Can do” – TPAS is a good example of collaboration. Colleagues help each other by sharing knowledge and TPAS shares its insight with the industry.

Brand is not a logo, colour coded office or a strap line. TPAS epitomises a strong brand as it demonstrates its “here to help” value internally and externally.

Extra-ordinary – TPAS staff work their socks off with a strong sense of purpose that it can help people have a better retirement. There are dedicated volunteers who put in many hours of work at TPAS for the reward of helping people rathen than being paid.

Heading up TPAS was a great job. Thank you to everyone who worked there.


Don’t forget to read the comments, accessible by this link

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  1. What a great leader, a proper modern boss, an example to us all.

    • Brian G says:

      Hear hear Mark. Michelle is an inspirational leader and has that wonderful knack of making very special seem normal.

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