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Maybe financial robots better stick with providing factual information.

At the end of January, one of Europe’s best hopes to succeed as a Robo-Adviser, closed its doors on UK investors, choosing to focus on Germany as its core market. In a very perceptive article, Malcolm Kerr puts his finger … Continue reading

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FCA -If you’re looking for innovation….get real!

The FCA says it has found precious little evidence of innovation from its Retirement Outcome Review. I am not surprised, judging by the people who it invites to its “workshops”, it is looking in the wrong places. It is necessary to … Continue reading

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Advising the 5,000; so where are the loaves and fishes?

The mass market of people retiring over the next few years  no default means to spend their money and no access to suitably priced advice. That is the conclusion of the FCA consultation on Retirement Outcomes that has just closed. … Continue reading

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Should we be wary of cheap financial advice?

Robert Reid is a very professional IFA and  someone I like a lot. He represents IFAs and stands up for their interests in Money Marketing. His latest article argues that “cheap advice” especially cheap advice on pension transfers, is wrong. … Continue reading

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Advised or non advised – that is the question

  Taking decisions is tough and decisions that impact the rest of your life are some of the toughest you’ll ever take. We expect the people who leave workplace pension plans to make choices between annuity, draw down or cash with only … Continue reading

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Good retirement outcomes depend on collective solutions

The FCA have called for evidence on the likely success of our current “at retirement” strategy, this response is consistent with what this blog has been saying for some years, collective problems need collective solutions, the market is not enough, … Continue reading

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“Just because you’ve built it”..Some home truths about robo-advice.

The problem with Alan and Gina Miller is they are right, and they say the things that the financial services industry don’t want to hear. Before the TTF was a gleam in our eye , they were proving we were … Continue reading

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#PBUK ; pensions and the public

  I’d walked through parliament square to get the Pension and Benefits show and thought how a few hours before Jeremy Corbyn had delighted the die-hards where I trod. I’d seen him defiant on my way back from work and … Continue reading

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Robots do as they are told

  The point about artificial intelligence is that it is artificial. Were we to replicate human intelligence we would have to build in the bias’ that make us ‘moral’. By moral, I mean concerned with the principles of right and wrong … Continue reading

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The robots are here! But not in the Terminator sense. Think, rather, of Asimov’s creations. Or, for the less nerdy, Rosie from The Jetsons: benevolent machines, doing our hard work but better, faster and more reliably. Across almost all sectors, … Continue reading

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