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Value assessments – no answers without questions!

Fund boards not changing tack on performance in value assessments despite backlash Fact not spin When it comes to performance reporting, investors want fact not spin. They want to be told facts about what they get out of an investment … Continue reading

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Private Equity Laid Bare (by the FT)

  Yesterday I wrote about Ludovik Phalippou’s report  “An Inconvenient Fact: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory”. My interest had been prompted by an article of Chris Sier’s  I’d re-published on my blog. It showed that 2/3 of the … Continue reading

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Segregated mandates – a club for large pension schemes only

With a few exceptions, most pension schemes do not go overboard with the number of asset management products they use.   Having worked with some super-large, super-complex pooled schemes and fiduciary managers, I can understand at least one reason. Lots … Continue reading

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If you think you know your costs, you could be wrong

This is the third of Dr Chris Sier’s insights into cost transparency and it gets right to the heart of the issue: just how much of a pension schemes total costs were previously unknown?   ‘You can’t manage what you … Continue reading

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Not all asset managers are created equal

This is the second of ten articles written by Chris Sier which were originally published in Pension Expert. The original can be found here and is republished with the kind permission of the editor In the first piece of this … Continue reading

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Asset managers are no longer the problem on cost transparency

This is the first of ten articles by AgeWage co-founder Dr Chris Sier. All articles have first been published in the FT’s Pension Expert and are re-produced with its kind permission. The oritinal of this article can be found here … Continue reading

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Pensions need a “dashboard-ready” standard

Jo Cumbo has called out the “elephant in the room” as the data quality of the pension schemes that look after  our money , our data and our resources for security in retirement. If data is money them money is … Continue reading

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The hidden costs of charges are pants!

Yesterday’s Moneybox with Lesley Curwen was a cracker. It brought together the voices of a number of investors together with the views of Michelle Cracknell, Chris Sier and Gina Miller. All were clear and interesting But the best contribution came … Continue reading

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A good week for transparency

It’s been a good week for transparency, with the FCA’s publication of the IDWG’s final report.  Chris Sier and his team have created the opportunity for investors to properly understand the total cost of intermediation when buying assets through a … Continue reading

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Pensions dashboard – for the consumer or the industry?

    Yesterday I suggested that the Pensions Dashboard Summit being held in London was likely to be “feisty” – it was. The organisers chose to put the event under Chatham House rules, as if a debate about transparency can … Continue reading

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