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Buying our funds the Ottoman way. What British investors can learn from Turkey.

Last week at a meeting of the Transparency Task Force, I listened to Dr Chris Sier talk of his work in Turkey, understanding how that country’s regulators are getting to grips with fund costs and charges and ensuring that fund … Continue reading

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“Search and Stewardship” – all that we want from asset managers

  I spent yesterday morning listening to John Kay talk about the ideas behind his new book “Other people’s Money”. The big idea is that the UK asset management industry spends too much time talking to itself and not enough … Continue reading

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Another consultation on investments

  The reason we are having another consultation on investments is simple. It’s because the others haven’t worked. Will this one work? Only if it has genuine teeth. There are issues – unresolved issues – from previous consultations. Evidence has … Continue reading

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Why can’t we know what we pay for “fund management”?

We have the right to know what we are paying for funds. The cost of a fund can best be defined as the difference between what you would have received from a theoretical return on the assets in the fund … Continue reading

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Cass calls on fund managers to be paid on results.

    Dr Nick Motson of Cass Business School has issued another broadside at the funds industry who have been dilatory at best in responding to consumer pressure to better align its fees to the value it brings to consumers. … Continue reading

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Why the IMA are so wrong about fund research.

  There had been signs that the Investment Management Association (IMA) was at last coming to terms with the needs of consumers and those who advise them to reveal the cost of owning their funds. In May , Daniel Godfrey- its … Continue reading

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Business relies on transparency – it’s time platform managers come clean

General principles Buying low and selling higher is the basis of all commerce. Intelligent purchasers seek to cut out intermediaries to buy direct. Smart intermediaries use their financial muscle to bulk-purchase, getting a better price than a single purchaser can … Continue reading

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Fundless fund platforms?

Over the past fifteen years, new technology has brought us the fund platform, open architecture and unlimited choice. It has not brought us good fund governance and that’s what’s round the corner. But we are about to find that the … Continue reading

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“We don’t know what we’re doing”!

To the average fan it is not the fans or player or clubs that bring the game into disrepute it is the referee – hence the chants the politest of which is “you don’t know what you’re doing”. But it’s never that simple. What … Continue reading

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Why target date funds have been slow to catch on

with all the headwinds in the favour of TDFs and against Lifestyle it’s hard to see why insurers aren’t switching to TDFs Continue reading

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