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Thoughts on “death and taxes and pensions”.

Here is how the Institute of Fiscal Studies concludes its report into the taxation of DC pots when the owner of the pot dies. I whole heartedly agree with the analysis and conclusions of this report. Conclusion Whether by accident, … Continue reading

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Who pays the pension bill? HMT asks awkward questions

The Telegraph is floating a story that the Chancellor is considering scrapping higher rate tax-relief (currently reducing the cost of paying a pension contribution by up to 45%) so that there is a universal incentive to save , based on … Continue reading

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Mel Stride takes over at DWP – pensions should celebrate.

Restoring the public’s confidence in pensions took a big step forward yesterday.  Mel Stride was appointed to be Secretary of State (SOS) for the DWP. It means that for the first time since David Gauke held the post, we have … Continue reading

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His Majesty’s Treasury’s big idea for pensions needs help

HMT has one explicit pensions policy mentioned in the mini-budget. The government is proposing that “well designed” performance fees, typically levied by private equity and venture capital managers, should be excluded from the 0.75% charge cap on DC workplace pension … Continue reading

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The Treasury’s review of funds should remember all who use them!

The Government faces four particular challenges in its regulation and promotion of the UK asset management industry. It has much to lose and little to gain from change – Britain is Europe’s largest asset management hub and the disruption of … Continue reading

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Cumbo asks “can pension schemes invest for social good and keep TPR happy?”

  Rishi Sunak is keen to see pension schemes invest to get Britain to its climate change commitments. This week the Treasury set out its financial services policy  which ended with a promise to encourage investment in long-term illiquid assets, … Continue reading

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Net pay pension problems? – don’t leave them to the Treasury

The headline is misleading, the Treasury are not looking for solutions, they are looking for the long-grass ;  unless people who give a damn , tell the Treasury to pull their finger out, 1.7m low earners will continue to overpay … Continue reading

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Mothball or keep going?

Many small businesses are faced with a stark choice. Should they go into lockdown and effectively mothball what they have – for later reuse? Or should they move on and find a way to deliver some or all of their … Continue reading

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Robin Hood , the Sheriff and the King

Just as we thought we were set for some uninterrupted Government, the Chancellor and the Prime Minister fall out within a month of a much delayed budget. Just how much of the prepared budget belonged to Sajid Javid and how … Continue reading

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Pension tax transparency a long way off

    The malaise  with pension taxation goes much deeper than the immediate symptoms, the complexity of the Annual and Lifetime allowances, the obscurity of the money purchase annual allowance and the perversity of the running both net pay and … Continue reading

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