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A budget for pensions that are “victims of their own excess”

Today is budget day and by lunchtime we will know whether the strong rumors that the Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance will be adjusted upwards are true. We will also know if the less palatable options around increasing the minimum … Continue reading

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Why special pleading on the MPAA brings “pensions” into disrepute

In a letter to the Treasury ahead of this month’s Budget, more than a dozen companies, including leading pension groups and trade associations, have urged ministers to change the rule that governs how much can be saved into a pension … Continue reading

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The mass affluent , the MPAA and the cost of living.

  The Money Purchase Annual Allowance (MPAA) is often cited as a vindictive tax that punishes people for exercising their pension freedoms and drawing down on their pension pot from as early as 55. It was however introduced to protect … Continue reading

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Three little pots went to market

The point of this blog is to show 1. One way of avoiding the damaging impact of the MPAA on future saving 2. The depth of knowledge needed to make good at retirement decisions (especially where there is no adviser … Continue reading

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Dip into your pension at 55 and you could be “pension non grata”.

Most people know they can draw the money in their pension pot from 55, and because they can – they do. Very few sustainable drawdown plans are established by people in their fifties and very few annuities. 55% of annuities … Continue reading

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Time for the pension nimbys to pipe down

  The law as it will be from this April will mean that people who choose to enjoy part of their pension freedoms while earning will have pension tax relief limited to the first £4,000 of their annual contributions. The … Continue reading

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