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It is time to take annuities seriously again – Billy Burrows

  Annuities have always been a serious business* but since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015 most retirees (and advisers) have not taken annuities seriously and many invested in pension drawdown rather than purchase an annuity. Annuities have been … Continue reading

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Dip into your pension at 55 and you could be “pension non grata”.

Most people know they can draw the money in their pension pot from 55, and because they can – they do. Very few sustainable drawdown plans are established by people in their fifties and very few annuities. 55% of annuities … Continue reading

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FAKE NEWS – eroding the credibility of pensions.

“Yesterday I ran a blog complaining not about fake news but about misinformation accompanying the news. MOMENTUM – hang your head in shame! The news Momentum has is that the vast majority of people over 55 still don’t know when … Continue reading

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Thanks – it’s a delight to do business with you!

    It’s a real delight speaking to micro businesses about pensions. You might think a simple question like “which one do you think is best?” would become boring, now we’re closing in on 5000 employers who’ve asked us it. … Continue reading

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I know what to do- I just want help! Equities, volatility and dividends.

  The unconventional, but inescapable, conclusion to be drawn from the past fifty years is that it has been far safer to invest in a diversified collection of American businesses than to invest in securities – Treasuries, for example – … Continue reading

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When you’re 64… buy the state pension! (girls buy even earlier!)

  I chaired and spoke at a number of retirement income seminars last month – you may have been at one. While I was encouraged by the engagement and education of the audience in financial products, I was frustrated by the scope … Continue reading

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Pensions Guidance – Information, Consequences and Support (from the Ferret)

This is a really excellent note from the  Ferret    This note, and the linked notes below, highlight the need in pensions’ guidance for thorough examination and modelling of individual circumstances and the value of the presentation of options in an easily … Continue reading

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Safe, stable, regular and for life

I had lunch with Mr Sipp yesterday. Mr Sipp is John Moret and he has done more to pioneer the new pension freedoms than anyone else. I think the dodgy curry and glass of house white I bought him scant … Continue reading

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How to buy a pension

Buying your pension is one if not the biggest financial decisions you will take (or have taken). It’s fearfully difficult and most people take it with little help and – worse-information. Almost everyone is going to have to do it and that so … Continue reading

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