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The use and abuse of pension’s “tax-free cash”.

  If you were to create a word-cloud of associations people make with pensions, I bet “tax-free cash” would feature prominently. I tried to google such a word-cloud but got a lot of constructions that look like they’d been made … Continue reading

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Is their sense in cashing out your pension?

In this article I’m arguing that in a world of  freedoms and investment pathways, cashing out your pension or at least stripping out tax free cash makes sense. People are not swayed by arguments about tax and investment optimization, they … Continue reading

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Sunak should encourage us to invest not hoard.

Hoarding is most unpopular with the British public as memories of empty supermarket shelves last spring are slow to fade. There are probably still stockpiles of toilet rolls in little visited cupboards. We still have a few jars of fruit … Continue reading

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Brexit- good for people’s pensions. Pensions -worse for Brexit Britain.

Contrary to the received idea, Brexit and its aftershock, the Bank of England’s QE statement , has been good for the pension in people’s pocket. Ok, we don’t have pensions in our pocket- but if we’re simply valuing our pension … Continue reading

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Very “interest”-ing

For millions of savers, the most important piece of financial news over the past few weeks has not been about the impact of bond yields on pension liabilities or their mortgage interest payments or the state of the stock market. … Continue reading

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Cash beats shares for capital gains (but not for pensions).

Paul Lewis has produced a brilliant study that shows how the outcomes of investing a capital sum in cash would have been better than investing in shares over the past 21 years. Paul is right, the numbers do  not lie and … Continue reading

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Secondary annuities- more questions than answers

  I’ve been asked for my views on secondary annuities. I asked myself would I trade my annuity. Of course, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t buy one. I wouldn’t sell my state pension, I wouldn’t sell my rights to my defined … Continue reading

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“Sexy-Cash” is back – with tPR’s blessing?

    Some years back, the then pensions minister Steve Webb waved a Boots’ pension offer in the faces of a bemused NAPF audience and berated “sexy-cash pension offers”. Boots were offering staff cash inducements to leave a pension scheme … Continue reading

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How’s this for a rip-off?

I’m not sure if it’s my job to whistle blow and so far they have only followed 82 people on twitter (including me) – but don’t you reckon this kind of offer is a little dubious? Continue reading

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That ETV debate in full

Sometimes people’s comments on blogs are more interesting than the blog itself- this is certainly the case in a blog I wrote last week on “Enhanced Transfer Values” the thrust of which is that there are better ways to de-rsik defined benefit pension plans than by giving members cash bungs to transfer out theirguaranteed rights.
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