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Paperless pensions are nearly here!

Someone said something great about me last night. It was Kevin O’Boyle, retiring head of BT Pensions. He introduced me to a millenial as “Henry Tapper” the only person my age who thinks like a millenial”. It’s a hell of … Continue reading

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Do bosses need to care what happens when their staff retire?

One of the themes of recent conversations I’ve been having with the bosses of large companies is whether the “workplace pension” that they fund  are “pensions” at all. The recent findings of the FCA , published in the two papers … Continue reading

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AgeWage management team in place — AgeWage

Henry, Chris and Ritesh We’ve been working together a few months now. Ritesh is our CTO, runs the tech team in Bangalore and breathes life into older limbs beside him! Chris is the man who chaired the FCA’s Institutional Disclosure … Continue reading

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FCA to tame the drawdown bucking bronco!

  Yesterday was a good news day for people concerned about retirement income. The FCA made two meaningful statements on what it intends to do to help ordinary people trying to manage their in retirement finances. The first was the … Continue reading

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Resolving the conflicts of commercial dashboards – the Lindley report

Dominic Lindley, a good friend to this blog has published an important report on pensions dashboards. The key findings are reported in today’s FT.  You can read the original report  here. Thanks too to Jo Cumbo for picking up on this. … Continue reading

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NEST’s Sidecar Savings Project

The low-paid in this country are not well served by pensions. So NEST Insight’s Sidecar Initiative should be welcome. In November it launched its sidecar savings trial and announced which organisations will take part in the research. Whether those the … Continue reading

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Is “engagement” a double edged sword?

The only meaningful measure of a pension’s “value for money” is its appreciation by those getting the money – the pensioners and future pensioners. But those who offer pensions – providers, sponsors and fiduciaries are worried that the answers they … Continue reading

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Humanity gets out of a pickle: the unlikely heroes series – an introduction

  Sandy Guest sits on the AgeWage advisory board – he and Olly Tapper are our champions for responsible pensions; reading this blog of Sandy’s you can see why we love him so much!   In which we learn the … Continue reading

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The “annuity puzzle” and how to solve it.

Have you noticed how TV drama focusses on dying? We’re obsessed with death. Statistically the county of Midsomer should be totally depopulated by 2050, such is the carnage wrought on its citizens. We mark each celebrity , friend who dies. … Continue reading

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People’s pots

Nigel Mills MP now quizzing @greggmcclymont about how People’s Pension markets itself to employers. He notes that of the 9 reasons listed on People’s Pension website why employers should consider the provider, not one is that the members will get … Continue reading

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