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A controversial consultation on pensions dashboards

  We are midst-consultation on pension dashboards and there’s public enthusiasm for the project There’s industry consensus that the Single Financial Guidance Body (SFGB) will incubate its dashboard in a controlled environment and that commercial dashboards will follow. But proposals … Continue reading

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Getting industry co-operation on pension dashboards

There is an acknowledgement in the call for compulsion on providers to release data they hold on you and me, that some providers will be reluctant to play. We are told why. Firstly – and most importantly – providers are … Continue reading

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Managing pension expectations – are we doing enough?

This is one of those blogs where my focus is on big Government – or policy – rather than the little things that go into making political strategy happen. For a long time, as long as I’ve been working, there … Continue reading

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“Buy to let” and pensions

Is your house your pension? The highest level of opt-outs from Auto-Enrolment is amongst the over 50’s. According to data I’ve seen , one of the reasons given is that this group are comfortable that the equity in their properties … Continue reading

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I’d rather be a Ploughman than Icarus

Today, Tuesday 15th January 2019, will be a historic day in UK politics as the BBC is predicting Mrs May faces the biggest defeat any government has suffered in 100 years. Yesterday she suffered a defeat in the House of … Continue reading

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The only solution to the net-pay pension problem comes from HMRC

  Last Thursday, there was another meeting of the group of us, determined to keep up pressure to sort the problem of net-pay pension contributions this side of auto-enrolment’s next big phasing hike in April. Just to rehearse the problem, … Continue reading

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A spoonful of sugar helps the deficits go down.

    Lucy Hooker’s excellent analysis of Mary Poppins (the remake) suggests the basis of the film’s financial education is flawed, tuppence a day does not add up to financial security in later life, didn’t back in 1910 nor in … Continue reading

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No one #Morehuman

I don’t normally go for corporate cheese – but this statement – clipped from the linked in feed did make sense and got me thinking. I’m in the middle of the second round of fund raising for AgeWage and here … Continue reading

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FCA’s fundamental concern over pensions

I haven’t got the time to do justice to the FCA’s latest review – indeed I had trouble  finding it – thanks to Sahil Sethi for sending me this link! When in doubt – get Jo out! “In Cumbo we … Continue reading

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Why do employers run pensions?

Company DC schemes are an utter shambles I was as a DC conference yesterday, chairing a session on CDC. I went to one other session – a 70 minute discussion on what company pension schemes are doing to help people … Continue reading

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