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His Majesty’s Treasury’s big idea for pensions needs help

HMT has one explicit pensions policy mentioned in the mini-budget. The government is proposing that “well designed” performance fees, typically levied by private equity and venture capital managers, should be excluded from the 0.75% charge cap on DC workplace pension … Continue reading

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All pensions have the same Duty to their Consumers – to provide Value for Money.

  The Government struggles to find an overarching measure that defines “consumer protection”. Trust law says that trustees have a duty of care towards beneficiaries of a trust, historically consumers with policies regulated by the FCA were told that the … Continue reading

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The PPI , governance and value for money

  In my earlier post, I wanted to get to grips with the PPI’s new research paper on international experience measuring value for money but ended up focusing on a confusion about VFM and member contributions. Follow the link to … Continue reading

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Why we shouldn’t choose pension providers just on price!

The decision from the DWP to defer prescribing on how a commercial pension provider charges member’s for their services is welcome. It would have been better if we didn’t have to consult further and that the Government made the message … Continue reading

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Do we value the money in our pensions?

  It seems odd that something as universal as money, can be valued in such different ways. I am always surprised that my partner considers achieving discounts on her shopping a personal triumph while she is happy to squander fortunes … Continue reading

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Value for money is priceless – it cannot be bought or sold

  I am a fan of David Hutchins and when he writes, as he writes in Pension Expert, on value for money (VFM) – I read. I read but I don’t always agree and I certainly don’t agree with the … Continue reading

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Workplace pensions – what we pay and why we pay it!

David Hutchins , who is the presiding genius at Alliance Bernstein, a firm whose investment services power many workplace pensions has written a strongly worded piece in the FT that calls on product providers to ensure savers know what they … Continue reading

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How SUEZ boosted their staff’s pension pots by £8.65m

  I really admire organisations that are prepared to take a chance and test their workplace pensions for value for money. SUEZ is one such organisation. Michelle Sutton, SUEZ Head of pensions and reward talks here about  how since 2004 … Continue reading

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Is value only in the eye of the beholder?

Yesterday’s blog on the capacity of “value” to simplify pensions has solicited some strong comment and a very interesting debate on linked in I am  interested in the comments of Simon Ellis who has been assessing value in funds For … Continue reading

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How can pensions be giving savers VFM but not be dashboard ready?

  Outcomes for dough, portals for show! Over the weekend, I’ve been thinking about how I can judge the quality of service I receive from my pension provider. As a consumer there are a number of things I would like … Continue reading

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