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ESG? – don’t take anyone’s word for it!

  We employ asset managers for a reason The reason we employ asset managers is that they are better at investing our money than we are ourselves. They can do the job more time and cost effeciently , execute our … Continue reading

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Will COVID promote ESG or destroy it?

This time last year I was talking with BNY Mellon about using AgeWage as an ESG platform to help investors vote their shares. It’s not we decided to do (though there is one Fintech that’s taken up the challenge). The … Continue reading

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By their fruits ye shall know them.

    Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  A good tree cannot … Continue reading

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IGC reports “good to very good”- as L&G closes member helpline.

  Since publishing this article , LGIM has made a statement on the closure of the L&G helplines – you can read the statement here L&G’s IGC has published its fifth report for savers ; here is the link  for … Continue reading

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The E , S and G of this pandemic.

This blog calls on us all to be kind to each other  I believe that the way individuals and businesses behave to each other during the coming months will make a material difference to our day to day lives. But … Continue reading

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Royal London IGC report – a welcome shift in focus

Royal London are (as usual), the first IGC to report. They have been kind and sent me the Chair’s Statement which saves me searching. But it’s easy to track down here The IGC has delivered a really interesting read which … Continue reading

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How savers can change the world

Direct involvement with the way your savings are invested I spent time (on Zoom)  with a young entrepreneur  whose business it is to get people to change the behaviours of companies they invest in. I won’t go into detail about … Continue reading

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What do savers and pensioners say on climate change?

  Three events have dominated my news this week The impact of Coronavirus on people, events and financial markets The ruling against Heathrow’s third runway interventions by the DWP to ensure schemes measure and mange their carbon footprint. The arguments … Continue reading

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8.5m Nest members behind bid to buck-up Barclays

  You may not know it, but you could just have become a stakeholder in how Barclays finances companies and in the process become a climate change activist. Share Action has co-ordinated a group of organisations , including NEST to … Continue reading

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Time for pensions to act on climate change

The DWP has written a letter to the Pensions Regulator telling it to set out its climate change strategy. The letter is a little awkward as it tries to shoehorn the need for this strategy into TPR’s core objectives.  It’s … Continue reading

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