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Are our workplace pensions doing any good?

  Employers choose a DC pension for their staff for different reasons. During the staging of auto-enrolment, the capacity of the provider to manage compliance with regulations was a key criterion for medium sized employers; the capacity to set a … Continue reading

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Little did we know… the Law Deb debate – a year late!

  On April 16th 2020, a few days into the first lockdown, Mark Ashworth announced the postponement of the 2020 event . The mail is a curiosity , a cameo of how phrases like “seeing you”, “in person” and “life … Continue reading

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How ESG should protect our national game

“Football should be built on community, not built on mutiny”. Nasser al-Khelaifi – President of Paris St Germain Protecting football from mutiny Fifteen years ago I spoke at an NAPF conference in Manchester , the morning after being smashed in … Continue reading

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What will popular reaction be to Nest going green?

In a recent poll by YouGov carried out a  survey of 1,183 pension savers conducted by last July. It found that almost two-thirds of respondents thought their retirement scheme should invest in a way that reduced the damaging impact of … Continue reading

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ESG , virtue signaling and a dead horse

ESG I don’t know Paris Jordan, hadn’t heard of her before I read this.. One asset manager told me their firm had just put ESG into its investment process. Brilliant. Glad to hear it. I asked how it had changed … Continue reading

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If we have to take advice – pensions have failed

I have been in furious correspondence over the weekend with a friend , over one of the key words in today’s pension lexicon “engagement“. There is a strongly held opinion by many in pensions that we should require people to … Continue reading

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The money behind annuities “matters” too!

We tend to forget that a very large amount of the money yet to be paid as pensions , is backed by funds held by insurers and that money is invested, not just in gilts but in a wide variety … Continue reading

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Scottish Widows – has that cape just gone green?

Closing the ‘green pensions gap’ – it sure looks like it Making the Widow’s money matter , Maria Nazarova-Doyle and team have sent out a clear signal that they and parent company Lloyds Banking Group, mean business to avert  climate … Continue reading

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MaPS’ green blind-spot tars good drawdown guidance!

Following yesterday’s post on MaPS’ new service guiding people to pension options, I’ve seen quite a bit of feedback from providers, but no comment from consumers – it would be good if MaPS can report on the use of the … Continue reading

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Is Bitcoin an asset?

  My answer is “yes” and “no”. At the most fundamental, Bitcoin is a means of meeting financial obligations – it can be used to pay for things and is recognized as currency. It has been likened to gold, as … Continue reading

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