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The USS needs a 2021 Valuation- Michael Bromwich

In finalising the 2018 valuation the USS committed to a further out of cycle valuation as at the 31 st March 2020. This allows consideration of the recommendations of second report of the Joint Expert Panel (JEP) and the incorporation … Continue reading

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Should the Government be levelling with us (or not)?

Boris Johnson’s most memorable phrase, before his illness was “I want to level with you”. At that stage, telling us that people would die in British hospitals was still newsworthy. Six weeks on and telling us how many are dying … Continue reading

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Judging your workplace pension (by saver outcomes)

Defaqto has produced an important piece of work for financial advisers wanting to help employers get to know their workplace pension. You can access it via this link (there is a little signing up to do to get there) As … Continue reading

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Holy Pentechola! It’s Scam Man & Robbin’

  Four of the UK’s leading digital pension platforms have collaborated to create an engaging new online game that aims to educate consumers about pension scams in response to a spike in online fraud. The launch of Scam Man & Robbin’ follows … Continue reading

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COVID-19 ; International Comparisons

How does the UK stack up against other countries?   Chris Daykin has been finding out.   Introduction Comparisons between countries of the progress of COVID-19 are complicated by the different effective starting points in different countries and because the number … Continue reading

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Prudential IGC reports a notable victory for savers.

2019/20 – a battle won Prudential’s is the last IGC to publish its Chair report this year and I suspect the report we get is rather different than the report planned earlier in the year. Chair Lawrence Churchill tells us … Continue reading

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How COVID-19 kills

This is what we see More than 190k people have died of COVID-19 worldwide to date. In EU/EEC countries about 30% of infected people require hospitalisation and 4% go into intensive care units (ICU)1. Of those hospitalised, 12% died. Those … Continue reading

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“Nine years ago today, the Budget nearly killed me” – Guy Opperman

    This blog is about and by Guy Opperman – our  pensions minister; it’s re-published with his permission. It was first published April 26th here Today’s date is etched on my memory, and it will be forever. On Tuesday … Continue reading

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Is the PPF really suffering a “perfect storm”? I’m not so sure.

I am struggling to understand this analysis of the potential bills facing corporates with DB schemes. It appears in the Sunday Times but I’m not sure it’s very helpful. Here’s the article Troubled companies face a threefold increase in bills … Continue reading

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Pensions in the grand scheme of things

In the “grand scheme of things” – pensions will go on “In the grand scheme of things” is a very much over-worked phrase. It’s up there with “all will come out in the wash” as a means of dismissing today’s … Continue reading

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