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John Bull is unwell – do not wish him an early grave.

I was annoyed when I read the following article from WTW.. It conflates corporate finance with personal misery in a most unpleasant way. John Bull, seen above scratching his head over such financials – is looking a little queasy – … Continue reading

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Are the excess deaths in 2020 just a ‘shortfall’ from 2019

By Richard Marshall COVID-19 Actuaries Response Group – Learn. Share. Educate. Influence. Summary It has been suggested that the severity of COVID-19 in the UK is partly due to the low mortality in 2019, when we experienced a “shortfall” in … Continue reading

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#COVID-19 Actuaries on Deaths, Excess deaths and the Government’s use of statistics

  For months the COVID-19 actuaries bit their lips, knowing that COVID-19 deaths were being under reported. It was in the pubic interest for them not to challenge Government. Now there appears to be a much smaller amount of over-reporting … Continue reading

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We had better get used to managing bad news;- (thoughts on 64,500 excess deaths).

The Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) has published its Mortality Monitor. Key points: – death rates 18% higher than same week last year – excess deaths this week were lower than the number of COVID-19 deaths – they estimate around 64,500 … Continue reading

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Should the Government be levelling with us (or not)?

Boris Johnson’s most memorable phrase, before his illness was “I want to level with you”. At that stage, telling us that people would die in British hospitals was still newsworthy. Six weeks on and telling us how many are dying … Continue reading

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